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‘Swamp Thing’ Series Not Connected With ‘Titans’ & ‘Doom Patrol’

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, Swamp Thing' will be separate from the continuity of shows like Titans and Doom Patrol.

The DC Universe streaming platform as we all know will be releasing several exclusive television series like Doom Patrol and Titans, which will share continuity since the Doom Patrol is expected to make an appearance in one of the early episodes of Titans before spinning off for their own show. However, do not expect Swamp Thing to be an ally of either teams.

DC Chief Creative Officer and Co-Publisher gave confirmation today at San Diego Comic Con that the upcoming live-action Swamp Thing series will not tie into the platform’s other series. Lee spoke in an interview with CNET stating that “there is no mandate to tie everything together.” The series, which is expected to delve more into the horror roots of comics than the standard superhero exploits like the other DC Universe shows will. This allows the series to do more creatively speaking as it will not be expected to acknowledge the events that take place with it’s counterparts.

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The decision to separate Swamp Thing from the other DC properties is somewhat predictable as it has been done in the past. Swamp Thing was originally created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson to be a character in the DC universe, but the series was eventually moved away from the main DC publishing company to the more mature Vertigo imprint where it maintained a very loose affiliation with the other DC characters. The character was eventually re-introduced to the greater DC universe during the events of Geoff John’s Brightest Day in 2011 where he currently resides.

Swamp Thing is reportedly going to begin principal photography in North Carolina sometime this Fall with Deran Sarafian of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame set to direct the pilot. The series will be executive produced by  James Wan (Aquaman), Mark Verheiden (Constantine), Gary Dauberman (It), and Michael Clear (Annabelle: Creation). It is possible that while Swamp Thing may not exist in the same world as Titans or Doom Patrol, it could tie into the DC Extended Universe which has been attempting to make a Justice League Dark film for several years now. It is a possibility as Gary Dauberman, James Wan, and Michael Clear are all people who have had professional ties with former New Line Cinema head and DC-based production president Walter Hamada through films like It and The Conjuring franchise. Hamada has so far demonstrated he is willing to pull from his old New Line horror group as we have seen happen with Wan who is on Aquaman and David F. Sandberg on Shazam! who directed Annabelle: Creation.

Swamp Thing will join TitansYoung Justice: OutsidersHarley Quinn and Metropolis on the DC Universe service, which is expected to launch this fall. Swamp Thing will arrive on the service in 2019.

What do you think of this news? Do you hope Swamp Thing ties into the DC Extended Universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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