Sweet Home Alabama? Angelina Jolie Was Stunned When Brother James Haven Kissed Her in Front of the Whole World: “I’m in shock”

Angelina Jolie is known for her humanitarian work and also for being a little weird. Back in the 2000s, the actress would say and do things that would make anyone’s eyebrows shoot up their forehead. Once, during an MTV interview with her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, she kept biting his face as he admitted that they had s*x during the car ride there.

But this wasn’t the ultimate bizarre thing she would do. In 2000, at the 72nd Academy Awards, she won in the Best Supporting Actress category, and on the red carpet, she kissed her brother James Haven right on his lips. Their kissing photo went viral even pre-social media and everyone in Hollywood and beyond gasped.

Angelina Jolie Kissed Her Brother After Winning An Oscar

Angelina Jolie with her Oscar
Angelina Jolie with her Oscar

In 2000, Angelina Jolie won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Girl, Interrupted. During her acceptance speech, she thanked her brother, James Haven, and said that she was happy that he loved her. She said:

“I’m in shock, and I’m so in love with my brother right now. He just held me and said he loved me, and I know he’s so happy for me. And, um, thank you for that.” 

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James Haven and Angelina Jolie kissing at the Oscars
James Haven and Angelina Jolie kissing at the Oscars

Then after winning the award, she kissed her brother right on his lips when photographers were clicking pics on the red carpet. This one moment launched allegations of the siblings having an incestuous relationship. However, in 2007, James Haven clarified what actually happened.

Angelina Jolie’s Brother Explained Why They Kissed At The Oscars 

In a 2007 interview, James Haven clarified the reason behind the infamous Oscars red carpet kiss. He explained it in an attempt to stop the allegations of incest levied at Angelina Jolie and him. Haven said:

“I did not give Angie a French kiss. It was something simple and lovely. She was about to go off to Mexico to finish filming Original Sin with Antonio Banderas. I congratulated her on the Oscar win and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It was snapped and became a big thing.” 

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James Haven and Angelina Jolie
James Haven and Angelina Jolie

But this didn’t really clarify much. The incest allegations and rumors finally halted when the former nanny of the actress said:

“The day she kissed Jamie at the Oscars, it was the first day Marcheline (Angelina Jolie’s mother) was treated for cancer. They left the hospital together and got ready together. Nobody in the world knew that they spent the day in the hospital.” 

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

The nanny further explained that the kiss wasn’t meant to be se*ual. Instead, it was meant to show that they had their backs through thick and thin. She said:

“It was like, ‘Look where we’re at now.’ But the world saw something incestual. It was meant to be ‘Here we are.’ They only ever had each other. They had a very tight relationship with each other and their mother.” 

One would think that this public and media assault would have made the two siblings grow apart. But that didn’t happen and the Marvel star still shares a close supportive relationship with her brother.

Source: The Academy

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