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Sydney Sweeney Reportedly Cast as Spider-Woman as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 in Talks to Bring Back Euphoria Co-star Zendaya as MJ Against Fans’ Demand

Sydney Sweeney Reportedly Cast as Spider-Woman as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 in Talks to Bring Back Euphoria Co-star Zendaya as MJ Against Fans’ Demand

With the kickoff of phase 5 in the MCU, which deals with the multiverse universe and how they can exist parallel to each other, fans are hyped to see various depictions of their beloved superhero Spider-Man, come together from different dimensions to fight a common enemy. The multiverse also provides a different storyline and character arcs that fans are looking forward to, and Madame Web is the foundation stone of the Spiderverse.

Different variations of Spider-Man
Different variations of Spider-Man

The movie is scheduled to release in early 2024, and fans would see Dakota Johnson in the role of Madame Web. There are rumors that state Sydney Sweeney will be the Spider-Woman in the movie.

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Has Sydney Sweeney Been Confirmed for the Role of Spider-Woman?

Unlike others, Madame Web is keeping more secrets from the fans, in spite of having some big names in the movie. None of their roles have been revealed yet. During an episode of The Hot Mic, Jeff Sneider, who is a reliable industry insider, said that Sydney Sweeney is a great actress and will be playing the role of Julia Carpenter in Madame Web.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney

“I’m told – there’s been a lot of speculation as to what Sydney Sweeney’s role is going to be in the Marvel Universe. I’m told that she is as rumored, I guess, playing Spider-Woman. Now, there are a couple different Spider-Women, [Sydney] was rumored to play the second one.”

With another big revelation, fans are excited for the origin story of the clairvoyant, as she will be able to look into different universes of the spider-world. And who knows, maybr during the post-credit scene, Marvel would give a sneak peek for a live-action Spiderverse film featuring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man.

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Why Zendaya Should Not Be a Part of Spider-Man 4

In spite of the fact that Zendaya was a great addition to the MCU and she played the role of MJ Watson perfectly, it would be in the best interest of the story if Zendaya did not return for Spider-Man 4 considering how Spider-Man: No Way Home ended. Even though the producers want the actress to return for the sequel, it would be wiser to keep Parker and MJ separated for the sequel.

images 2.jpeg 5
Spider-Man and MJ

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker must face the consequence of his actions when he lost all the people closest to him because of Doctor Strange’s spell. Mary Jane was the love interest of Parker, but that too came to an end. Although she told Peter Parker to find her, he decided to leave her alone because he realized it was the best way to protect her.

Moreover, it would be so silly because Peter Parker in the MCU is depicted as a loving and caring person, and being Spider-Man has always put him in harm’s way, something that we have seen in all the Spider-Man films. It would not make any sense from a narrative perspective, for him to rekindle his relationship while he faces more ominous antagonists.

images 3.jpeg 4
Spider-Man vs Mysterio

However, some fans would like to see her in the sequel because the masked hero has always worked alone, be it in the films or in the comics. But he has always received some much-needed guidance from friends and family, and MJ was always there for him. Her absence in the fourth film would be felt immensely by the hero and the audience; a kind of response Marvel Studios would need when they’re telling a story about moving on and developing new origins.

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Madame Web will release in theatres on 16th February 2024.

Source: The Hot Mic

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