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    ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel In Development At Bad Robot

    Since the release of Cloverfield in 2008, fans of the film had wanted a sequel that would follow the events after the final moments of the film. We had been given hints as to what would happen and what JJ Abrams likes to think what happened. Later on, we ended up with TWO stories set […] More

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    Future ‘Cloverfield’ Films To Still Be Released In Theaters, Despite Recent Release on Netflix

    What was once known as The God Particle, fans of the Cloverfield franchise were treated to another surprise after Super Bowl LII on Sunday when The Cloverfield Paradox dropped on Netflix. While rumors about a Paramount/Netflix deal for the film bounced around the past few months, it is fair to say that many people were still completely taken […] More

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    ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Review

    One thing that can be said about the Cloverfield series is that, at the very least, they’re always marketed in a unique and intriguing way. The first film’s teaser famously didn’t even have a title, just a date: 1/18/08. The marketing was so memorable, in fact, that I didn’t just look that date up. I […] More

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    WWII Film ‘Overlord’ now confirmed as ‘Cloverfield 4’

      It’s been speculated since it was announced that the film titled ‘Overlord’, a WWII film that sounds like it’s right out of a “Wolfenstein-style” video game, is going to be the fourth film in the Cloverfield universe. It has now been confirmed today by “/Film”, who also notes that filming has been completed for the […] More