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  • Disney 5 Best Fictional Movie Locations
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    Disney: 5 Best Fictional Movie Locations

    Disney movies are known for their magical stories, amazing visual effects, and above all, stunning backdrops. The set locations always give a breathtaking effect, whether they are real or imaginative. While Disney has a lot of locations based on real places, there are also fictional ones that are too marvelous that we wish they were […] More

  • 17 Movie And TV Shows That Didnt Know How Aging Worked
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    17 Movie And TV Shows That Didn’t Know How Aging Worked

    There are so many movies and TV shows that have spent thousands of dollars on aging-deaging their characters. However, some makers are too lazy to make these efforts. They end up portraying their characters aging super fast, super slow, not at all which makes it utterly ridiculous.  Here are 17 times movies and TV show […] More

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    Disney’s Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’ Movie Finds Its Tiger Lily

    Disney is swiftly wrapping up the casting process of its upcoming live-action Peter Pan. According to a report by The Illuminerdi, Alyssa Alook (full name Alyssa Wapanatâhk) is Disney’s choice to play the role of Neverland’s Native-American princess, Tiger Lily in ‘Peter Pan & Wendy‘. The actress is a newcomer to Hollywood, having appeared only […] More