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  • Hasbro Hires The Witcher Producer For The Reboot
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    Power Rangers: Hasbro Hires ‘The Witcher’ Producer For The Reboot

    A new Power Rangers show is coming to Netflix, and Hasbro has tapped Jenny Klein to oversee the production. Power Rangers Universe Klein will be working with Jonathan Entwistle, creator of The End of the F***ing World, for the reboot. Gabe Marano, the Executive Vice-President of Scripted Television, said: “Building this partnership with Jenny, whose […] More

  • 8 Power Rangers weapons We All Once Wished We Could Have As A Kid
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    8 Power Rangers Weapons We All Once Wished We Could Have As A Kid

    Power Rangers weapons are one of the reasons why these Rangers are incredibly powerful. The Ranger armory is loaded with a different variety of weapons which makes the show even more fantastic. Below are 8 Power Rangers weapons we all wanted as kids! Quantum Defender in Power Rangers Time Force (2001) It was Quantum Rangers’ personal weapon […] More

  • 10 Best Films For Fans Of Mecha Movies
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    10 Best Films For Fans Of Mecha Movies

    Since the 1950s, mecha movies are a very popular genre originating from the Japanese mainstream media. These movies feature giant robots and man-made machines designed for fighting. Mecha simply refers to the concept of science fiction that makes use of machines and robotics. Also known as kaiju films, most mecha movies portray cyborgs or humanoid […] More

  • 18 Characters That are Older Than You Realise
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    18 Characters That are Older Than You Realise

    Many characters from our favorite films, series, or even cartoons over the years, pretty much have misleading appearances. The stories from books or even comics rely on the reader’s imagination to be brought to life. The visual media, however, is bound by certain constraints. Therefore, to maintain a relatable connection between transitioning characters in different […] More

  • Power Rangers Reboot Details Revealed
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    Power Rangers Reboot Details Revealed

    Several new pieces of information have been revealed regarding Hasbro’s new reboot of the Power Rangers franchise. First of all, The Hollywood Reporter has some juicy details. According to their sources, Jonathan Entwistle is in negotiations to direct the new feature movie for Paramount. Entwistle is the creator of popular Netflix series, The End of […] More

  • superhero movies 2017 ranked header
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    2017 Superhero Movies Ranked

    We had a fantastic year for superhero movies and not one of these films are necessarily “bad”. But, as we do every year, we must rank them from best to worst. Please just remember, that all film is subjective. See the full list below!   8. Power Rangers Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary […] More