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  • Walt Disney 5 Common Movie Tropes
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    Walt Disney: 5 Common Movie Tropes

    Walt Disney is truly an icon both in the film and animation industry. His genius creation of stories coming to life have been passed down from one generation to another. These works have stood the test of time and still remain a classic favorite. Popular titles such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and […] More

  • 15 Movies That Took The Longest Time To Make
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    15 Movies That Took The Longest Time To Make

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. And so weren’t these cinematic gems. For various reasons, some Hollywood films have taken the longest time to make. Here are 15 examples: Eraserhead – (1977) 5 YEARS Being David Lynch’s first feature-length film, the AFI had no idea that 20 pages equal not 20 minutes in Lynchian terms. […] More

  • 17 Fun Disney Facts
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    17 Fun Disney Facts

    Time for some fun Disney facts. The house of the mouse is the biggest media power on the planet as of now. From a humble dream to showcase the talent of an artist, it has expanded into a conglomerate that attracts the best talents in the world. Disney has been around all our lives, quintessential […] More

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    10 Best Pre-90’s Disney Films

    Before Disney went full speed ahead with their animated film in the 90’s, they spent each decade between the 30’s and 80’s producing only one or two films a year. Similar to how Marvel ended up producing one or two movies a year to three or four and even television series. We will be covering […] More