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  • Kids Movies amp Scenes That Were Inappropriate
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    Kids Movies & Scenes That Were Inappropriate

    When do we know that it is too much? What defines the boundary of what can be watched and what cannot be. For an adult, seeing extreme things makes sense because they understand the world (somewhat). Well, some even have an appetite for it. But when it comes to a kids movie, it should be […] More

  • 13 Animal Facts That Will Ruin Disney Movies For You
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    13 Animal Facts That Will Ruin Disney Movies For You

    Had Disney movies been scientifically accurate, they would’ve lost most of their charm. We’ve dived deep into how Disney has overlooked science and logic over the past years. Here are 13 animal facts: 1. FINDING NEMO Biologically, Nemo’s father would have become his mother. All clownfishes are born male. When the dominant female dies, the […] More

  • 21 Disney Villains Ranked From My Grandma Can Beat You To Avengers Assemble
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    21 Disney Villains Ranked From “My Grandma Can Beat You” To “Avengers Assemble”

    Disney has created countless unforgettable villains over the years. They have brought life to some iconic villains who have given our favorite protagonist characters a tough job on-screen. However, not every Disney villain has been developed equally. Regardless, some of these Disney villains have their separate fan bases. So, today we have ranked 21 Disney villains from “My […] More

  • For 16 Famous Actors You Never Knew Voiced Fan Favorite Cartoon
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    16 Famous Actors You Never Knew Voiced Fan Favorite Cartoon Characters

    We all know that moment when we recognize a familiar voice of our favorite cartoon characters while watching an animated movie or TV series. But we had no idea then that the voices behind our favorite cartoon characters belong to some seriously talented and famous actors. Yes, there are animated series featuring A-listers for voicing over fan-favorite cartoon characters, […] More

  • 13 Mind Blowing Fan Theories
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    13 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories

    Don’t we just love to spend our weekend watching our favorite Disney movies along with our family? Disney has been our friend since 1937 and showered us with lovable cartoons and adorable characters. We have practically grown up watching Disney movies, right from The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and The Beast to the Toy […] More

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    10 Music Artists You Didn’t Know Had an Oscar

    Everyone thinks the Oscars are only for the actors and actresses of Hollywood, but they forget there are so many other departments that lead to other celebrities earning themselves an Academy Award. In this case, singers. While majority of these awards have been won through the Best Original Song or Best Music (Original Score), there […] More