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Talented B-List Celebs That Deserve To Usurp The Hollywood Top Dogs

Hollywood has certain stars that are considered to be at the top of the game. But there are certain other celebs who are equally talented and can take the place of these A-listers. B-List celebs have played some important roles in some major movies and series but are not as popular as A-listers. These celebs have proved their worth in the roles they have played and are recognized for them. But their stardom does not match the top dogs. They do deserve it though. Check out this list to find out.

Sarah Paulson deserves to be an A-Lister

Sarah Paulson is a talented b-list celeb
Sarah Paulson

Known for her role in American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson has proved to be a talented actress. She has even won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. In fact, she was called one of the most influential people by Time Magazine. She has been a part of some major projects like Ocean’s 8. Also, she was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2017. She has been working in the industry actively and has with every performance proved that she deserves to be one of the A-list actors instead of being among the B-list celebs.

Elizabeth Olsen can usurp the top dogs

Elizabeth Olsen is a talented b-list celeb
Elizabeth Olsen

Known for portraying Wanda or Scarlett Witch for MCU, Elizabeth Olsen can be one of the A-listers like some of the major MCU actors. She has been nominated for many critic choice awards for best actress. She received her fame from playing the role in MCU and will be reprising the role in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, the Multiverse of Madness. Her role in the franchise proved that she is a talented actress and can be an A-list actress. She does not deserve to stay in the B-list celebs.

Jason Bateman should be an A-list celeb

Jason Bateman is a talented B-list celeb
Jason Bateman

Best known for the role of Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, Jason Bateman is one talented B-list celeb. He even won a Golden Globe and Satellite Award for the role. Since 2021, he has hosted a comedy podcast called “Smartless.” He has also directed a few shows and acted in them as well. Also, he has worked in many other major projects like Hancock, Horrible Bosses, and its sequel. With his acting performances and directorial skills, he deserves to be one of the top dogs of Hollywood. There is a chance that he would soon be there too.

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Anthony Mackie can usurp the top dogs

Anthony Mackie is a tlaented b-list celeb
Anthony Mackie

Known for playing Sam Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anthony Mackie made his debut in 8 Mile. The role made him recognized and was later nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Brother to Brother. In the film, he portrayed an LGBT character. He has also been a part of major films like Real Steel and Night Catches. After this, he has become a part of the MCU franchise. And even got his own standalone series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He has proved to be a worthy actor to be among the A-list celebs.

Karen Gillan is a talented B-list celeb

Karen Gillan is a talented B-List celeb
Karen Gillan

Another Marvel actress, Karen Gillan is known for playing characters like Nebula in MCU, Amy Pond in Doctor Who, and Ruby in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Based on her famous acting roles it is easy to determine that she is not just a skilled actress but also versatile. She can very in the kind of roles she plays. Also, she has been in thrillers, horror, romantic comedies, and even a sitcom. She has won a number of accolades and nominations for her acting. And deserves to usurp the top dogs of Hollywood.

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