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Tales of the Walking Dead: Terry Crews Talks Entering TWD Universe

Terry Crews has entered the world of The Walking Dead, with AMC’s newest spin-off Tales of the Walking Dead. The six parts anthology series premiered on August 15, and a new standalone episode focusing on different characters and stories will be released every Sunday.

The following article contains spoilers of the first episode of Tales Of The Walking Dead! 

Terry Crews and Olivia Munn are the two stars of “Evie/Joe“, the first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead, which follows the journey of Joe, a man who bunkered up with his dog when the zombie apocalypse started. After the death of his loyal pet, Joe decides to leave his shelter and venture into the post-apocalyptic world to find someone he met online. On the road, Joe meets or rather is captured by Evie, portrayed by Olivia Munn.

Tales of the Walking Dead Interview

Tales of the Walking Dead
Terry Crews as Joe – Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

We recently spoke with Terry Crews, who’s been a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead since it first premiered in 2010. A few moments before our interview with him, the actor shared on Instagram, a drawing of his co-star Olivia Munn in celebration of the show, which we didn’t miss on congratulating him for.

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Thank you! I got all my art stuff in there! answered Crews in his contagious laughter, showing us his phone.

He continued:

Olivia and I worked together on The Newsroom, so we’ve been friends for years. I asked for her permission to post it, I wanted to make sure she approved. When I found out I was gonna be in the show, I got a text from her, she’s like ‘ Hey Joe!’, and I’m like ‘How do you know?’ And she’s like ‘ I’m Evie’ I said ’Oh my God, it’s a reunion !’ And it’s amazing to be working with her again.”


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BTS, Terry Crews as Joe, Olivia Munn as Evie – Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

At first, it seems like Joe and Evie have absolutely nothing in common, and it’s safe to say that a relationship like theirs might have never even happened pre-apocalypse. She’s artsy, and hopeful, and goes on spiritual retreats. He’s a realist, who thinks his survival skills and his time spent in a bunker taught him enough. However, these two characters might not be as obvious as they seem (especially since Evie saved Joe’s life twice in just 48 hours). So naturally, we asked Crews who, between Joe and Evie, had the best survival skills.

“I love these characters, the fact that they established us in the right pace. We get to spend time with each other, we’re friends, we’re fighting, we break up, get back together, and it’s so great because it is a real friendship. But when you talk about who would survive, listen, it’s gotta be Evie because listen, Joe was out of his bunker not even 24 hours and he’s caught in a net, you know what I mean?  You don’t even know how long Evie has been out there doing her thing, and she wasn’t in a bunker. And in the end, she ends up saving his life, because he’s trapped again, he got catfished. So you look at this man, he thought he had it all together, but what was so beautiful is the hope that Evie brings. And what he calls “unrealistic expectations”, is that we all need to survive. You look at what faith is, you can’t see it, you can’t hold it, in fact, it’s something you can never see. But it keeps you going from here to there. And by being realistic, you pretty much will go down. So I think Evie is definitely the survivor and he needs to stick with her.”

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Olivia Munn as Evie – Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

This first episode ends pretty well for these two characters (or at least as well as it could in a world where being chased by hordes of flesh-eating zombies has become the norm.) Crews declared:

“The ending is as hopeful as you will ever see in The Walking Dead world, which means that whatever you see next is gonna be brutal.’’

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Terry Crews as Joe – Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Could we see more of Joe and Evie in the future? Could they appear in Rick and Michonne’s upcoming 6 episodes series, which was announced a few weeks ago at the San Diego Comic-Con?

If there are such plans, Crews is already prepared to come back to The Walking Dead universe:

“Connections could really happen (…) When it was announced that Rick and Michonne were coming back, I think it reinvigorated the whole franchise, I had no clue. I got off the Comic-Con stage, I was walking on, and we were doing other interviews. I heard the yells and screams, and I was like ‘What’s going on?’ And boom, there was Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira right there on stage, announcing the six episodes that they’re gonna do. And I said ‘That would be a dream’. (…) Or it could be with Negan, Maggie or Daryl, I am open, I wanna leave it open, I am willing to do any of that. I wanna come back in this world.”

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