Tarantino To Write And Direct Upcoming Limited Series Bounty Law

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Divisive director Quentin Tarantino is in the midst of a spotlight shower of adulation at the moment with his supposed penultimate movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


Recently earning a plethora of awards nominations and wins across the board, particularly with the Golden Globes and pending Oscars.

Now it seems that in a bid to capitalise on this success, Tarantino is not only delaying his apparent swan song movie before he “retires”, but also investing heavily in his other projects specifically the upcoming limited series Bounty Law which he has reported to be both writing and directing all five episodes of said series.


Bounty Law is Tarantino’s attempt at capitalising on his current success as the series originated within Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and was the show that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton appeared as a guest star during his career.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)

However, while the director is wasting no time letting the grass grow as he has already written all five episodes for the miniseries, Tarantino has stated that it will be roughly 18 months before audiences see this series.

Tarantino also stated that the main pull of the upcoming series shouldn’t be about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or its star Leonardo DiCaprio, as the focus of the Bounty Law is Rick Dalton himself.


The two-time Oscar winning director has recently stated that his unknown upcoming tenth film will be his last, however in the same explanation he stated he also wants to focus on other projects such as a play and a limited series, with Bounty Law evidently being that limited series. However does a series that expands upon one of his movies count as a loophole or is this the only series he will work on?

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may have divided audiences and critics however it is proving very popular with awards voters.


Not only did the movie win three out of the five Golden Globe awards it was nominated for including Brad Pitt winning Best Supporting Actor and the movie winning Best Musical or Comedy Picture, but it is now heading to the Academy Awards with ten nominations which could see Quentin Tarantino walk away as a three or even four-time Oscar winner.

What do you make of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Bounty Law series?


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