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Taron Egerton Confirms Talk With Marvel For A Possible Wolverine Role

Kingsman’s Taron Egerton has confirmed that he has talked with Marvel Studios executives about a possible role joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The said role could be the next Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from X-Men

Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox a few years ago, and this gave Marvel Studios the rights to its X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Characters from these movies have started appearing in some MCU films, such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

With the ongoing plans for Fantastic Four and Deadpool 3 movies, MCU will have to renew some characters. One of the expected yet most daunting to reintroduce is Wolverine. His character has been played by Hugh Jackman for several years, and he became an icon for it. Filling in the shoes by a new actor would be a great pressure to handle.

Is Taron Egerton The Next Wolverine?

Kingsman The Secret Service
Taron Egerton in Kingsman: The Secret Service

This is the big question for Marvel fans: who will replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? In an interview with NY Times, Taron Egerton confirmed that he met Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios team about the said role.

I don’t think it would be wrong to say that. I’d be excited, but I’d be apprehensive as well because Hugh is so associated with the role that I’d wonder if it’d be very difficult for someone else to do it. But hopefully, if it does come around, they’ll give me a shot.”

Although, Marvel Studios is not yet revealing anything about the role or Wolverine joining any of the MCU films or series soon. The actor has been expressing his interest in portraying the role. He posted a photo of him mimicking Wolverine’s signature pose, including the character’s iconic grin.

Taron Egerton Posing as Wolverine
Taron Egerton posing as Wolverine

With Taron Egerton’s experience in action movies, he might just land the role. Fans only need to wait for further announcements because Wolverine will be coming back to the screen very soon.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.