‘I Just Didn’t Find It Intriguing’: Taron Egerton Explains Why He Turned Down Cyclops Role in X-Men Movies Ahead of Wolverine Rumors

“Manners Maketh Man” is what Taron Egerton’s character Eggsy says in Kingsman: The Secret Service. It seems that the actor took the statement to his heart when he said that he wasn’t interested in playing the role of Cyclops in the X-men prequels. The actor reported that he “didn’t find it intriguing” to portray the laser-eyed mutant for the film.

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Taron Egerton as seen in Kingsman
Taron Egerton as seen in the Kingsman franchise

The role of Cyclops was Taron Egerton’s

The role of Cyclops could have been Taron Egerton's.
The role of Cyclops could have been Taron Egerton’s.

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In a recent interview, it was revealed that the Kingsman actor was indeed offered the role of Cyclops to be portrayed in the prequel to the famous X-men franchise, X-men: Apocalypse. In a bold move, Taron Egerton rejected the proposal because he found the character of Cyclops “not intriguing!”

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The actor later went on to explain the reason behind his move in the following statement:

“I don’t mind saying: that was a real thing, that was a real conversation. I’ve never said this, actually. To be honest, the reason that conversation never went any further is because I didn’t want to play a character for a potential series of movies where you don’t see my eyes.

The Rocketman actor continued,

“For me, I felt intinstinctely, creatively, that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I would find that challenging, and I just didn’t find it an intriguing prospect. It’s not that they ever offered it to me, but there was a conversation, a real conversation, that never went any further.”

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So what went wrong with cyclops for Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton as seen in Rocketman (2019).
Taron Egerton as seen in Rocketman (2019).

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Taron Egerton is an actor that knows how to portray emotions through his eyes. Stating that the eyes are the windows to the soul, the actor then has obvious reasons for not playing a character who wears laser-proof goggles all the time.

The actor who had already appeared in Kingsman: The Secret Service and many other forms of media later went on to star in the sequel for the Kingsman franchise. He was lauded for portraying the role of popular musician Elton John in the 2019 film Rocketman. Following that, the actor has now also taken part in producing other movies.

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