Taylor Sheridan’s Critically-Acclaimed Wind River Starring Elizabeth Olsen Set to Get Sequel With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Director at the Helm

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A sequel to Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River has been confirmed with director Kari Skogland to lead the project. Wind River is a neo-Western thriller movie starring Marvel Studios stars Jeremy Renner as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker and Elizabeth Olsen as an FBI Special Agent.

Wind River Elizabeth Olsen Jeremy Renner
Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner in Wind River (2017)

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan wrote and directed the film which received critical acclaim and positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and proved a hit at the box office.

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Wind River Sequel Has Been Confirmed With A New Director At The Helm

In a report from Variety, the second installment of the franchise is currently underway with a new title, Wind River: The Next Chapter. Unfortunately, Sheridan will not return to direct, bringing Skogland into the team. The director worked on six episodes of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider scriptwriters John Zinman and Patrick Massett will pen the film.

Plot details and release date are still kept under wraps, but so far, we know the production will commence next year. It is unsure whether the original characters will return, but Martin Sensmeier has been confirmed to reprise his role.

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Martin Sensmeier Wind River
Martin Sensmeier

Chip Hanson (Martin Sensmeier) is a drug addict whose sister’s death became the central mystery of the 2017 film. His return to the sequel will provide some connections to the original story. It will explore the aftermath of his sister’s mysterious demise, and the investigations made by Banner and Lambert. The incident also affected Hanson, bringing character development in the story, wherein he will join the team as a tracker.

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What We Know So Far About Wind River: The Next Chapter

Castle Rock Entertainment’s announcement of the sequel came as a surprise for everyone. After the story concluded in the first movie having discovered the culprits and uncovering the mystery surrounding the case, the next film will feature a new puzzle for the audience.


It will focus on a series of ceremonial murders happening within the Wind River reservation. With an intriguing plot and good story thread, it is not impossible that it will guarantee more future installments.

Wind River Elizabeth Olsen Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen

So far, there have been no reports about additional cast members returning to the film. It may seem possible that Renner and Olsen will reprise their roles due to the demand of the movie’s plot. Fans will have to keep an eye out for further updates.

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