Taylor Swift Was Kicked Out of Jimmy Kimmel’s Studio When She Was Only 14

Taylor Swift was unceremoniously escorted out of Jimmy Kimmel's studio when she was a teenager

taylor swift was kicked out of jimmy kimmel’s studio when she was only 14


  • Taylor Swift's rise in the music industry is nothing short of remarkable, as she has managed to build her own empire, full of diehard fans.
  • The singer once got kicked out of Jimmy Kimmel's studio as a teenager who was looking for a chance to perform
  • Swift got a chance to get back at the booking manager who threw her out but she treated him humbly, stating she understood the situation
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Taylor Swift is most certainly one of the biggest names in the music industry, whose rise to the top has been nothing short of remarkable. For better or for worse, it is likely that there isn’t anyone in the world right now who hasn’t at least heard of Taylor Swift.


The pop music sensation has made a career out of making music that resonated with fans all over the world, whether they were teenage girls or full-fledged adults – many people proudly proclaim themselves as ‘Swifties.’

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Taylor Swift performing

Taylor Swift Was Escorted Out Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Studio At A Young Age

From the age of 10, Taylor Swift already knew what she wanted to do in life – a career in the music industry. It would result in her knocking on doors up and down Music Row at the age of 11, as she wanted a record deal with them. Before becoming a global icon, she faced lots of rejection including even Jimmy Kimmel.

Swift, Kimmel, and the music booker Scott talked about the aforementioned incident on a 2014 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! During the episode, Taylor Swift sat down with Jimmy Kimmel, and the latter recalled the story of Taylor Swift getting kicked out of Kimmel’s studio when she was just 14.

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As the story went, 14-year-old Taylor Swift arrived at Jimmy Kimmel’s studio with her mother, in hopes of becoming a musician. However, things didn’t work out as Igoe, responsible for booking musical acts, decided to escort the young Swift out of the studio. Just to make things interesting, Kimmel even brought out Igoe – who clearly realized just how badly he messed up 10 years earlier.

Taylor Swift Got Some Measure Of Revenge On The Show

After the revelation that Jimmy Kimmel had Igoe for the show, Taylor Swift ended up taking a more mature approach to the situation. In a playful exchange with Igoe, she made it clear that it would have been wrong of Igoe to allow her back then.

All’s well that ends well because I think of it like this. I think you probably would have gotten in more trouble with Jimmy had he wandered out and been like, ‘Why is there this random 14-year-old tiny child sitting here with a guitar case? What’s happening here?’”

Taylor Swift gloating
Taylor Swift

Jimmy Kimmel joined in on the fun, as he jokingly wanted to throw the music booker out of the building for what he did to Taylor Swift ten years before. He followed through with the idea as well, as Taylor Swift got a measure of revenge of sorts.


I know it seems like a joke and Scott probably now is thinking this is a joke, but I’m actually now having him thrown out of the building.”

Igoe played along with the scripted act, leaving the audience in laughter, they definitely enjoyed the whole scene. Regardless, Taylor Swift showed everyone how graceful and empathetic she had become in ten years and for that – fans will always love and respect her.

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