Team-Based Mechanics Are Among the Features Fans Want Most in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

Fans want more team-based mechanics for additional flair.

Team-Based Mechanics Are Among the Features Fans Want Most in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero


  • Dragon Ball fans want more team-based mechanics such as combo assists and more in Sparking Zero.
  • Some fans said that the game would be better with 1v1, as they want to enjoy the gameplay of the Budokai Tenkaichi series.
  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is in development at Spike Chunsoft and does not have a release date yet.
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Budokai Tenkaichi is making a comeback with Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, which will take the gameplay of the renowned series to a whole new level. Ever since the game was announced, players have been excited to know more about it and what features it will bring back from the Budokai Tenkaichi series.


While the game is already under a little scrutiny for removing a fan-favorite feature that was a staple of the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Dragonball fans have now made the developers aware of the features they want to see in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, and one of them is team-based mechanics.

Fan Wants Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero to Have ‘More’ Team-Based Mechanics

Fan wants to see more team-based gameplay mechanics in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.
A fan wants to see more team-based gameplay mechanics in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

Reddit user Dhunter001 took to Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero‘s community and said that it should bring more team-based mechanics compared to the Budokai Tenkaichi series to “add more flair.” The user added that there should be more mechanics than just Ultimates or “switching out.”


They further added that there should also be Assist combos, like in the Naruto Storm series, or players should be allowed to call for teammates and use skills, mentioning that it would be better if they were allowed to be used during a beam struggle and become one to give players some advantage.

Dhunter001 said that the game should feature any team-based mechanic that lets players make use of their teammates instead of waiting for the teammate to tag in. They said that swapping characters during a vanish or chasing sequence would also be a great addition to the game.

Although the player makes some good points, a large number of Dragon Ball fans do not agree with it, but it would be amazing to see if any of these mechanics get added to the game and how they work. However, the game might focus on 1v1, as the majority of the fans want it.


Not Every Fan Wants These Features in the Game

The fans mentioned other features but many want 1v1 in the game.
The fans mentioned other features, but many want 1v1 in the game.

While team-based mechanics sound great, many fans looking forward to the game prefer 1v1. A player said that they “would rather 1v1,” with another fan adding that the assist combos in Sparking Zero will take away the essence and “feel” of the Budokai Tenkaichi series. They added that the game should not have “get out of jail free” mechanics without asking players to use skills.

They also mentioned that vanishes might work in the game as long as it is timed right, but a bar limiting the vanishing would not be appreciated, concluding that all they want is “good, old-fashioned Budokai Tenkaichi fun” and that the game should not have “too much competitive focus.” However, many also said assist combos would not make sense in the game and it would be better without them.

One player added that there is already “Fighters Z for this,” and the game does not need to have all this. Another fan said that 1v1 is the best and cited the example of Naruto Ninja Storm, saying that it has team-based mechanics and “online and only team battles and it’s toxic.”


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