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Ted Lasso Season 3 Review: Football Is Life!

ted lasso

Ted Lasso has always been planned as a three-season show. Creator Bill Lawrence and the rest of the creative team behind Apple TV’s hit series knew the story they wanted to tell, and they set out to tell it. That being said, that doesn’t guarantee its third season will be its last. You never know what decision will get made until it gets made. But regardless, it puts tremendous pressure on this third season to be another banger.

If Apple – or Lawrence – wants to push for a fourth season of Ted Lasso, the third needs to be a success in order to justify another. And if this third season does close the book on Coach Ted Lasso and the rest of the AFC Richmond crew, everyone involved, and fans too, will want the show to go out on a high. If the start of the season is any indication (Apple made the first four episodes available for review), we could be in for the best season yet.

The Plot

Season three picks up shortly after where season two left off, with several of our key characters facing new challenges. Ted is still working to get his panic attacks and anxiety under control, made more difficult after friend and former assistant coach Nate “The Great” Shelley leaked it to the press. Nate is now manager for West Ham United – under new ownership of Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert. Keeley is running her own PR firm, dealing with the standard struggles and adjustment period one would expect from that. Season two saw Keeley and Roy’s relationship left in a precarious state, so viewers will be anxious to see where Ted Lasso’s “it” couple stands to begin the season.

And that’s not even everything. Ted has other personal issues to deal with, as does Rebecca. Sam is still working to open his Nigerian restaurant. And the introduction of a few new characters could create some extra fireworks for our beloved AFC Richmond.
Ted Lasso Season 3
The Cast of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso Season 3

The Critique

It could feel like a lot for one season to handle, but through four episodes, the show has so far struck a perfect balance with all the characters and intersecting storylines. Fans who prefer the first season to the second will be glad to know there is no shortage of laughs (the premiere in particular is one of the funnier episodes of the series).

But the depth to the storytelling that season two added is still heavily present. The groundwork the beginning of the season lays for what’s still to come is expertly crafted. It still has to stick the landing, of course. But the opportunity is there for Ted Lasso to cement itself in the upper echelon of TV series, and to do something so many shows seem to struggle to do: finish strong. And not only finish strong, but finish at its peak.

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And I believe it will do just that. The storytelling and narratives feel natural and make sense for each character. The comedy, heart, warmth, and positivity that made the first season such a hit are still there in spades. And the deeper, more serious themes are handled with maturity and sensitivity, and flow in and out completely effortlessly with all the lighter moments.

It feels like every major character is headed toward their own big, final moment for the series, but without making the show feel overstuffed. It’s a testament to the work done in the preceding seasons to effectively set up and evolve the characters and their stories. And it looks like a fair share of the supporting characters will get their chances to shine as well. And with such a strong cast up and down the line, it creates the potential for the show to deliver great moment after great moment.

In Conclusion

For a show adapted from a commercial, it’s astonishing what Ted Lasso has accomplished. Sure, it’s a great commercial, but it’s still only a commercial. Taking and expanding that simple idea and getting not one, not two, but (it’s looking like) three great seasons of TV is truly an astonishing feat.

Season 3 of Ted Lasso premieres on March 15 on Apple TV+.


9 Out of 10

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Written by Matt Hambidge