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Ted Lasso Seemingly Teases Potential Spin-off With Thor 4 Star Returning for Apple TV Drama

Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso recently wrapped up the third season of the show. The ending left the viewers wondering what the creators are planning for the future of the series.

Now, fans have something to talk about as the latest tweet posted by Apple TV+ may answer some questions. On top of that, Nick Mohammed, who plays Nathan in the show, responded to it with a tweet that grows suspicion of a spin-off series. Despite the actor confirming that his character’s journey has come to an end, his latest tweet says otherwise.

The following article contains spoilers from Ted Lasso‘s season three’s final episode, So Long, Farewell.

A spin-off of Ted Lasso is in the works?

A still from Ted Lasso
A still from Ted Lasso

The third season of Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso has officially ended and now the new manager of AFC Richmond is Roy. Many fans speculate that the creators are planning some sort of spin-off series and the latest tweet posted on Apple TV+’s official Twitter account seemingly confirms these rumors.

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The account posted a picture of Beard (Brendan Hunt), Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), and Nathan (Nick Mohammed) and wrote, “Smells like potential.” If this wasn’t enough, Nick Mohammed responded to it by posting an emoji that had its mouth zipped.

It seems like a spin-off is in the works featuring Brett Goldstein, who is known for his work Thor: Love and Thunder, Brendan Hunt, and Nick Mohammed.


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Nick Mohammed feels like his character’s journey is over

Nick Mohammed and Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso
Nick Mohammed and Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso

In one of his latest interviews, Nick Mohammed explained that he feels like Nathan’s journey is complete, indicating that his time on the show will end soon. He said,

“We always hear these rumors of a spinoff and I feel really wary of anything, because I feel like Nate’s story in particular just feels so complete. I feel like we don’t really need to see or know anymore. We just needed to just have those bits. I think we could leave it there, and I’d be very proud of it.”

The first episode of Ted Lasso aired on 14th August 2020. After three years, now it seems like the show is over.

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Nick Mohammed also hinted that Ted Lasso is over

Nick Mohammed and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso
Nick Mohammed and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso

During the same interview, Nick Mohammed also confirmed the end of Ted Lasso. He explained that the closure that the fans are looking for, is in the show,

“We obviously knew where it was headed, and we read all the scripts, and we were doing all these interviews. In our heads, we’re like, ‘Wait. Once you’ve seen the series, you probably won’t want anymore because there’s so much closure, so much catharsis in it being three seasons.’ Ted’s not going to come back, because he’s not going to make that mistake. He’s got to stay with Melissa and Henry. That’s where his place is, and that’s where he’s happy. There’s always going to still be fixing for the characters to do. They’re not all of a sudden perfect. Ted’s still probably got his demons in there. But it is such a cathartic ending. I think it would be a shame to kind of be like, ‘And see you next year.’ It’s like, well, where are we starting off on that?”

The statement left the fans quite disheartened but what he said next in the interview gave the fans a little bit of hope,

“You know, I’m sure if we do anything — who knows — I’m sure there will just be a sizable break between them, especially if we film another series. I don’t know. But we’ll see.”

So fans can expect some sort of spin-off series, however, these are just rumors as an official statement is still not released.

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