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Ted Lasso Star Jason Sudeikis Nearly Killed Himself By Jumping In Front of Olivia Wilde’s Car When She Went to Meet Harry Styles With Her Secret Salad Dressing

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When he’s not coaching AFC Richmond back to Premier League glory, Jason Sudeikis is worrying about how to stop a certain woman from delivering a salad dressing to a very certain man. It’s no doubt that Olivia Wilde is in love with Harry Styles, but before the One Direction star, there was Ted Lasso.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were engaged for seven years which is quite a long time, I must say. But things didn’t work out and Wilde eventually found a new lover in her Don’t Worry Darling star, Harry Styles. According to a very unfamiliar source, Sudeikis was not at all happy about Wilde’s new romance, even to the point that he’d put himself under her car.

Jason Sudeikis FandomWire
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

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Jason Sudeikis Was This Desperate To Not Let Olivia Wilde Go

When the filming for Olivia Wilde’s next big movie after Booksmart started in 2020, everything was fine and dandy between her and her now ex-lover, Jason Sudeikis.

Jason Sudeikis FandomWire
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

But fast forward a few months into filming, the male lead of the movie Shia LaBeouf was replaced by the ever-charming Harry Styles for poor conduct against the cast and crew, and thus the seeds were sown for the end of the seven-year engagement between Sudeikis and Wilde.

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The House star found a spark between her and Styles while filming, fell in love, and eventually started dating the next year.

Sudeikis was so grief-stricken with his lover leaving him that he threw himself under her car, according to the nanny of the ex-couples two children, who revealed the story to Page Six. The nanny narrates what happened the night she left with a salad dressing to meet Styles, here’s what ensued-

“The night she left with her salad, Jason had chased after her, videotaping her in the house. She was saying: ‘I’m scared of you, Jason, I’m scared of you.’ And he said: ‘If you’re scared of me, why are you leaving your kids with me?’”

“So then, Jason went outside and lay under her car so she wouldn’t leave. She got in her car to back up, he lay under her car so she wouldn’t leave.”

Sudeikis eventually talked with the nanny, who reveals what he said to her-

“Jason told me: ‘She made this salad and she made her special dressing and she’s leaving with her salad to have dinner with [Harry].’”

This incident sounds almost comical when you read it, but love can make you do a lot of things, even things that may make you look desperate.

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Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Are Now Viral Because Of The Salad Incident

The salad dressing incident has launched Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis into the internet’s most trending topics if they weren’t already famous enough after being associated with Harry Styles.

Jason Sudeikis FandomWire
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

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While their split may be a serious topic for them, it’s just the way the salad dressing situation played out that makes it funny. Users on all social media platforms have taken note of this incident, and even they think that this was unexpected-

The plot thickens!-

The memes are rolling in –

We’ve got to try it out ourselves-

That’s a callout-

We’re pretty curious as to what all she added into the salad dressing that Jason Sudeikis ended up putting his life on the line for, it’s probably worth it!

Source: Page Six

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