‘The question we want to ask is…..did it work?’: 15 Year Old Injected Himself With Mercury, Let Himself Get Bitten By Spiders Because He Wanted To Be Wolverine, Spider-Man

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A teenage boy purposefully injected mercury into his body to ‘become a real-life Marvel superhero.’  According to the report, the 15-year-old encouraged spiders to sting him so he could look like superhero Spider-Man.

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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from X-Men

The National Centre for Biotechnology Information wrote up his case. Based on the report, the nameless boy was not poisoned after attempting to give himself superpowers. As per doctors, he injected the mercury from a thermometer into his arm three times. The child was believed to be ‘inspired’ by the X-Men comic book character Mercury and X-Man Wolverine.

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What do reports say about our real-life Wolverine?

The report read: “We present the case of a 15-year-old boy, who, inspired by a movie, deliberately injected mercury subcutaneously into his forearm, causing the formation of an ulcer that did not heal. A surgical procedure was performed to treat the ulcer and reduce mercury levels in the blood and urine. However, the patient did not develop clinical signs of chronic poisoning, demonstrating that subcutaneous injection of mercury has a low risk of systemic toxicity”.

The mercury can be seen in his X-Rays
The mercury can be seen in his X-Rays

A psychiatric study reveals that this was not the boy’s first attempt to become a superhero, adding on to explain that he had previously forced spiders to bite him in the hopes of becoming Spider-Man. “Surprisingly, he had no other psychiatric disorders and had a normal IQ,” they concluded.

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The 15-year-old youngster reportedly aspired to be like the Marvel character Mercury but instead ended up with excruciating ulcers that refused to heal. Mercury’s body in the comics is made of a non-toxic metal that resembles mercury and that she can mold or solidify at will.

People’s reaction to this incident

The teenager was discharged from the hospital after the dead tissue and mercury were removed, and he did not absorb any more mercury into his systems. The team underlined that the boy’s hospitalization was out of the ordinary, with most cases of purposeful mercury injection termed “suicide attempts.”

Wolverine is one of the messed up superhero parents


People from all around the world have come across Twitter to roast the young weapon X/Wolverine.



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As a representative for the National Centre for Biotechnology Information points out, these are risky practices, and a doctor may not always be able to aid you or arrive in time, but in the case of the teenager, psychiatric reports were favorable, and no abnormalities were reported.

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