‘Tell us more how white men are being canceled’: DC Fans Cry Racism as WB Cancels Batgirl While Saving Ezra Miller’s Flash by Any Means Necessary Despite Miller’s Horrible Shenanigans

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Racism has been around the Hollywood industry for a long time. From not casting non-white members in movies in the beginning to cancelling some finished movies, it is sadly still present in several industries. Fans are currently angry at WB studios for allegedly trying everything in the book to save Ezra Miller’s upcoming Flash while cancelling the Batgirl movie.


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Ezra Miller as the Flash in Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021).
Ezra Miller as the Flash in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021).

WB cancelling Batgirl while saving Ezra Miller

Fans have been clamoring the studios of Warner Bros. Discovery ever since the new CEO & President David Zaslav has cancelled the upcoming cancelled DC movie Batgirl. Almost finishing a $90 million worth of shooting, the movie was apparently cancelled due to reasons of a tax write-off.

Leslie Grace was in the lead role in Batgirl before David Zaslav's cancellation.
Leslie Grace was in the lead role in Batgirl before David Zaslav’s cancellation.

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However, calls of racism have been heard after Ezra Miller was seen apologizing for his irrational and unforgivable behavior. They were seen apologizing to the public and told that they will be seeking professional help for their behavior. This led to fans thinking that Ezra Miller had privileges based on the color of their skin.



How WB is head over heels for saving the Flash 

Ezra Miller will be featured in the Flash.
Ezra Miller will be featured in the Flash.

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Actor Ezra Miller who portrayed the character of Flash in Justice League (2017) has been involved in a number of controversies. From choking a fan to having a cult in Iceland, the actor has now, a charge against them for stealing alcohol from a home in Vermont. Warner  Bros. Discovery had three options for their actor’s behavior. The studio decided to go with the first one and chose for the actor to apologize in front of the public and salvage the remaining good image that they had left.


The now cancelled Batgirl starred Leslie Grace in the lead role. The movie had already finished shooting worth of $90 million before getting cancelled by David Zaslav.

The Flash is slated for a release date on 23rd June 2023 in theaters across the world.

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