Tennocon 2023 Has Concluded and Brought Trailers For Exciting Future Updates!

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Tennocon 2023 went live yesterday and has created a lot of attention for Warframe as it is the ten-year anniversary of the game. This year to commemorate this, gamers have been shown a lot of upcoming content that will be arriving on Warframe over the coming months. This will have users jumping from their seats as the trailers will have them feeling nostalgic and excited about the future and the past of the franchise.


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What Upcoming Content Has Been Shown During Tennocon 2023?

Tennocon 2023 Has Concluded And Brought Trailers For Exciting Future Updates
Tennocon 2023 showed off some incredible trailers concerning the future of Warframe

Throughout Tennocon 2023, players were shown a lot of different future updates that will be coming to Warframe, and not all had to do with just generalized content that will be released. There has been news regarding features that will be coming to the game as well that players have been dying for.


The first major announcement at Tennocon 2023 was an upcoming update that has been scheduled to be released sometime in Winter 2023. It is called Whispers In The Walls, and this will be a story-driven cinematic quest described as a hair-raising conflict that will shock the origin system to its core. It will have a lot of players excited as they will be returning to Deimos, the third open world that was brought to Warframe a few years ago. And players will get to delve into the depths of the world as they uncover numerous secrets that will shock long-time players.

Throughout the Whispers In The Walls update, there are a few additions to the game, which will be coming along with the update. For example, there will be a new secondary weapon class that will have wizard fans buzzing, and  an Otherworldly Grimoire, which can be used to cast “magic” at the brand-new enemies encountered throughout this new update.

There are going to be two new enemy factions coming to Warframe during the Whispers In The Walls update, the first is an expanded Necramech faction with lots more variants for players to fight, and it will also be bringing an entirely brand-new faction known as the Murmur. This faction was created by The Man In The Wall and is an amalgamation of body parts and technology which can form together to create monstrous enemies.


The other main announcement released during Tennocon 2023, was for an upcoming update that has been set to release in early 2024. It is titled Warframe: 1999, and this trailer has raised a lot of eyebrows in the Warframe community. The reason behind this is that before Warframe was created, the developers DE (Digital Extremes) created another game called Dark Sector. This title followed a man named Hayden Tenno as he was infected with a virus that slowly mutated his body and mind as he was tasked with stopping a new virus from destroying the earth.

Now, with Warframe: 1999 being announced, many players are wondering if this will be a reimagining of Dark Sector in the Warframe universe. During the trailer, we saw a man who slightly resembles Hayden Tenno, however, in this update, he is named Arthur, battling enemies which are infected with some kind of virus that has spread to machines. The virus has transformed them into humanoid type creatures. What caught the eye of many players about Warframe: 1999 is that Arthur seems ill, which was a common symptom during Dark Sector. 

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What Other Features Have Been Announced to Come To Warframe Soon?

Multiple updates are coming to the world of Warframe that will certainly change the game forever.
Multiple updates are coming to the world of Warframe that will certainly change the game forever.

Tennocon 2023, showed off a lot of upcoming updates for later this year and early next year, but what about the smaller pieces of information that won’t get as much attention? Throughout the event, we were shown a few different pieces of content that are set to come in the coming months, which will have a lot of players excited.

Throughout Tennocon, we received a lot of different announcements from all sorts of gameplay aspects, but the first I’ll mention is the upcoming cross-save, which is currently being worked on by DE. The studio has announced that just like crossplay, it will slowly be drip fed into the game to test it and allow certain players access this system at a specified time.

Next will be the 54th Warframe that will be coming to the game, and that will be Dagath. This new Warframe will be coming in October, during the Halloween event known as Naberus, as players will be able to hear the story of Dagath. Gamers will hone their blade and whip weapon, as the story will be told by the Entrati Grandmother and will surely have players spooked to their cores.


There has also been a concept announcement for an upcoming Prime Warframe, and that is Grendel Prime, as we were shown some concept imagery. It won’t be long before players can roll around as a golden meatball and there was also a glimpse of two Prime weapons that will be coming with Grendel Prime and those are the Zylok and Masseter.

Finally, there was also an announcement regarding a new cosmetic collection to help commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Warframe. It is called the Heirloom Collection and will contain two new cosmetic styles, one for Frost and one for Mag, for two of the three Warframe’s that have been in the game since day one. These popular frames are still used by players to this day as part of their best builds!

Are you excited about all this upcoming content for Warframe? Will this encourage you to get back into the long-running title and become a robot ninja again? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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