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‘Tenoch Huerta is proof a Romani actor can play Doctor Doom’: Fans Implore Disney To Cast a ‘Lesser Known Romani Star’ as Doom After Namor Became a Smashing Hit in Black Panther 2

'Tenoch Huerta is proof a Romani actor can play Doctor Doom': Fans Implore Disney To Cast a 'Lesser Known Romani Star' as Doom After Namor Became a Smashing Hit in Black Panther 2

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever introduces a number of new characters in the MCU. Prior to the release of the film, rumors had that Black Panther 2 will introduce Doctor Doom in the MCU. However, it ended up being a rumor only. The film introduces another new character, Namor played by Tenoch Huerta. The actor appeared in several Latin American and Spanish feature films and short films. The Mexican joined Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico in 2018 and The Purge franchise in 2021 with The Forever Purge. 

Wakanda Forever introduces the kingdom of Talocan in the MCU
Wakanda Forever introduces the kingdom of Talocan in the MCU

The Narcos actor made his MCU debut as Namor with the Black Panther sequel. People love the actor as the Talocan king. Prior to the release of the film, Ryan Coogler shared that he has made some changes to Namor’s character in the film. These changes led him to be the first superhero with an Indigenous background.

Spoiler Alert: The following content includes spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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Namor’s Origin in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios introduced the king of the underwater kingdom of Talocan, Namor, with the Black Panther sequel. However, his origin story is completely changed in the movie. Namor was the mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of Atlantis in comics.


Although he is represented as a mutant in the movie, a lot of things are different if compared to comics. In Wakanda Forever, Namor shared his story with Shuri. He tells her during the 16th century most of his people, who were humans, died after conquerors brought the disease with them.

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The community followed a ritual after a shaman found a plant powered by the mystical nature of the vibranium, to get strength and immunity they used the herb. His pregnant mother also participated in it and the ritual transformed everyone into blue-skinned individuals.

Tenoch Huerta
Tenoch Huerta plays Namor in the MCU

This gave them the ability to breathe underwater and they left the land and moved their civilization underwater. Tenoch Huerta’s Namor was the first child to be born underwater and was named the king of the Talocan people. He was different from others as he had winged feet and he was not blue like others.

These changes led his origins to be Mesoamerican, which is portrayed in the film. And fans appreciate the studio casting a Mexican character to play the role. And now fans are demanding the same for Doctor Doom as well.

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Fans Want to See a Romani Actor as Doctor Doom

After seeing Huerta as Namor, fans are now demanding that the studio cast future characters based on their ethnicity in comics. In comics, Doctor Doom was born to a tribe of Latverian Romani people. Fans now want the studio to cast a Romani actor as Doctor Doom.

They do not care if the actor is new or unknown in the film industry. The demand comes following the release of Wakanda Forever. The movie introduces Namor, whose origin is based on the Mesoamerican background. Fans and critics loved the Forever Purge actor’s performance in the film.

The studio has revealed its plans for the upcoming phases. Phase 6 is finally introducing the Fantastic Four in the MCU, and fans are expecting to see the antagonist in it as well. However, there are also rumors that the character will join the MCU before Fantastic Four.

Prior to the release of Wakanda Forever, there were rumors that Doctor Doom will appear in the movie. However, that turned out to be a rumor only.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

With the MCU moving ahead with introducing new characters, fans also expect to see Doctor Victor Von Doom make in the MCU. However, the studio has not revealed anything about the presence of Doctor Doom in its upcoming projects.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is playing in theatres now.

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