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Terminator 2 Had A Cut Scene Capable Of Changing The Franchise’s Genre

Terminator 2 Had A Cut Scene Capable Of Changing Franchises Genre

Terminator 2, aka Terminator 2: Judgement Day had a cut scene that would’ve changed the genre of the franchise. When we think of successful movie franchises, Terminator always makes the cut. It came at a time when people weren’t expecting a movie of such sort. Hence, the success was outstanding which obviously called for many sequels. However, one movie that still stands out in the franchise is Terminator 2: Judgement Day because of the tone it set and of course, the collections. But did you know that it had many cut scenes and one such scene would have changed the franchise forever? Check it out!

Terminator 2 Cut Scene

Terminator 2 deleted scene
Terminator 2 deleted scene

The movie almost included a super violent massacre scene which could have changed the course of the franchise. The scene we’re talking about is the missing Gant camp attack committed by T-1000 which was in the original script. The Gant camp massacre is where T-1000 murders Travis Gant and everyone living on the ranch. However, this wasn’t the only scene that was removed. The onscreen death of Enrique Salceda was almost removed because these two scenes didn’t provide many purposes to the story.

Terminator 2: Deleted scene that could have changed the genre of the entire franchise
Terminator 2: The deleted scene that could have changed the genre of the entire franchise

However, the fact of the matter tells us that if one of these scenes would’ve made it to the film, the original horror essence would have never left the franchise. The biggest turn that the blockbuster sequel took was to drop the image of T-1000 as a killer and make him a protector. Following this, the franchise completely forgot the horror elements which were originally seen in the parent movie. Movies like Terminator: Genisys or Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine have none of the said elements.

Terminator 2 deleted scene, T-1000 massacre
Terminator 2 deleted scene, T-1000 massacre

It’s not like the franchise didn’t try to bring back the horror essence. In Terminator: Dark Fate’s opening scene, John Connor is killed in a surprising twist, but some fans saw it coming. This was the closest that the franchise was able to touch the concept of horror and never again. However, one can say that the franchise has served well over the years. What do you think about it?

Written by Deepak Vasisht