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Terminator: Deadliest Hunter-Killer Units, Ranked By Power

The Terminator franchise has shown us several robotic hunter-killer assassin units. Here are the deadliest Terminator Hunter-Killer models of the franchise.

T-800 – The Original


The first successful hunter-killer infiltrator unit created by Skynet, the T-800 was the game changer for the AI in its crusade against humanity. Covered with living tissue with a powerful mechanical endoskeleton inside, the T-800 could easily fool scanners and infiltrate human settlements. It can also survive time travel because of its membrane of living human tissue. A more advanced model with a more powerful energy core – the T-850, was introduced in Rise of the Machines.

T-888 – The Blade


The T-888 was a more advanced version of the T-800. Introduced in the TV series, the T-888 was larger and made out of a more durable material that could take more damage. A number of these hunter-killer models were sent to the past to kill the Connors. But the most infamous one was Cromartie. The T-888 hunter-killer model featured hidden thigh blades that could slice through enemies. It had a more powerful processing unit and faster reflexes than the T-800.

T-1000 – Liquid Danger


The T-1000 was the first Terminator Hunter-Killer unit that gave the Godlike T-800 model a run for its money. It could use the mimetic poly-alloy it was made out of to create bladed weapons. The T-1000 could even change its shape and mimic other human beings’ appearance. It could not make advanced weaponry though. It’s only enemy was temperature. If it was exposed to super low temperatures, the T-1000’s body would freeze over. If exposed to too much heat, the hunter-killer model would melt.

Rev-9 – Double Trouble

Dark Fate

The Rev-9 came from an alternate timeline where there was no Skynet but another AI ruling the world called Legion. Legion sent a Terminator Hunter-Killer model called the Rev-9 back to the past. It’s objective as to kill a potential future leader of the human resistance. Rev-9 had a few unique abilities. It could split into two. One looked like a normal human while the other was an endoskeleton made out of super durable mimetic poly-alloy nanotech that mimicked a human form. Rev-9 was double the trouble and twice as deadlier.

T-X – The Terminatrix


The T-X was a walking weapon of mass destruction. Rise of the Machines spared no expense at making a truly unstoppable Terminator Hunter-Killer model. The T-X was special in the sense that it was both an infiltrator unit as well as a combat model. To top it off, its hands were walking arsenals, capable of repurposing themselves to give the T-X everything from a flamethrower to a plasma cannon. It was coated with liquid metal, that allowed it to better camouflage itself. The model also had a self repair function. So given enough time, it could come out unscathed even from the gravest of damages. Dark Fate may have put it out of canon but his Terminator model takes the cake as the the deadliest model ever, second only to…..

T-3000 – The Cured


Made out of a human infected with machine phase matter from a T-5000 Nanotech unit, the T-3000 takes the cake as the deadliest Terminator Hunter-Killer model. It’s combat abilities were beyond human comprehension. It’s healing abilities are better than a T-1000’s, able to recover from blunt force trauma by high caliber weaponry in mere seconds. The entire body is held together by a strong magnetic field. Only a powerful magnetic field or ‘overcurrent’ can overpower this Hunter-Killer unit. The T-3000 can weaken its own magnetic field to form weaponry or disassemble and reassemble itself mid-battle at frightening speeds. It may not have the T-X’s arsenal of weapons but it does not need them. The T-3000 is by itself, a force of nature.