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Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces New Controversy after Hospitalizing Cyclist in Los Angeles Traffic Accident

Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces New Controversy after Hospitalizing Cyclist in Los Angeles Traffic Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger has occupied the public arena for the better part of the last half-century and has rarely found the opportunity to stay away from film and politics. Now, however, a well-earned retirement that seemed to be on the plate for the Terminator star has instead led to him finding trouble lurking around street corners. Or bike lanes, in this case, to be precise. Recent reports from TMZ indicate a cyclist swerved in front of Schwarzenegger’s car causing a mild collision incident, but both have, fortunately, escaped unscathed from the accident.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in a Mild Accident in LA

The former Governor of the State of California has been in the headlines recently for being involved in a traffic collision that resulted in a cyclist ending up in the hospital. On the roads of Los Angeles, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s van – which according to bystanders didn’t divert from its path – suddenly found a bike colliding against it when a female cyclist swerved away from her lane and crashed into his.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in accident
Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in an accident with a cyclist

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The accident took place on Monday [5th February], and has since been under police investigation in order to rule out any theories of intentional harm from either party. The woman, who had been immediately taken to the nearest hospital tested negative for drugs and alcohol in her bloodstream. The minor injuries that she otherwise sustained have all been examined and patched up and her bike taken to the repair shop, the cost of which has been borne by Schwarzenegger himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: All Upcoming TV and Movie Projects

The former “Governator” who had served two terms in office from 2003 to 2011, has been away from film and television for quite some time now. But it seems like retirement doesn’t suit the former Mr. Olympia. Known for his unique idiosyncrasies and inimitable accent, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks to get back on the horse with a few favorable projects. After a career delivering successful blockbusters like True LiesConan the Barbarian, and Batman & Robin, the 75-year-old seeks a comeback with his first Netflix project.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kung Fury II
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kung Fury II

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Based on the 1994 James Cameron film, True LiesUtap follows a father-daughter spy team on a “global spy adventure,” according to the synopsis. This not only marks the actor’s first live-action series project but also his comeback to Hollywood’s centerfold. Joined by Top Gun: Maverick actress, Monica Barbaro, Schwarzenegger rolls into Netflix with the series sometime in 2023.

Beyond that, Arnold Schwarzenegger also seeks to make a comeback in theatres by following up the 2015 David Sandberg movie, Kung Fury, with a sequel titled Kung Fury II: The Movie. The film series is a tribute to the 80s-era martial arts and police action films. According to the sequel’s synopsis, the actor finds himself battling Hitler and other notorious villains in 1985 Miami, while also traveling through the space-time continuum in his war against evil. The sequel will premiere sometime in 2023.

Source: TMZ

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