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Terry Jeffords Is The Heart & Soul Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. These Photos Prove It

One of the best sitcoms to ever hit the small screens, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a laughter riot. Full of hilarious characters and equally hilarious arcs, it is one show that could even make the dead laugh. And most of the credit for making this show a show-stopper goes to Terry Crews, who plays the buff and muscular Lieutenant Terry Jeffords in the show.

We mean the show does have a lot of characters that are fan-favorites. Jake, Charles, Rosa, Holt, Amy, Gina, and the Hitchcock-Scully duo are the core reason we watch the show. But it is Terry that makes things easier on the eyes if you ask us. Terry Jeffords is a parent, mentor, student, teacher, police officer, and an overall upstanding citizen. He plays basically multiple roles, at least one of which we could all relate with.

Terry is the heart and soul of the show and these pictures prove it.

Parenting Tips 101

Thank you for the tip Lieutenant. This will come in handy when pursue the bountiful career of  kidnapping.

We Need More Of Scary Terry Please!!

Wrap it up we do NOT want to make him angry.

Terry & Gina – A Match Made In Heaven

It is what it is. Sorry Sharon but we ship these two till the end of time.

Did You Say Yoghurt?

In other news, water – wet.

He May Be A Giant But He’s Still A Father

This is how every father feels when they are scared. Terry was not felling bad for himself. He was more concerned about his daughters and what would happen to them when he’s not around. Can we give this guy the Nobel Peace Prize already?

Forget What We Said Before, Jake & Terry Sitting On A Tree….

K I S S I N…Well you get the message.

Yes Your Majesty

He makes sense even when he talks in third person. Zlatan Ibrahimović could learn a thing or two from Terry.

We Understand Terry

Cut him some slack. Even those massive deltoids cannot make things better when you are a father.

Trouble In Paradise

You got no idea how hard it is. Terry knows it all. He has defeated countless criminals. And yet he is still scared of his wife. May the universe have mercy on your soul Terry Jeffords. Sharon please go easy on those whips this time.

Time Heals All Wounds. But It Comes With Side Effects

But sadly you cannot sue anyone. Come on Father Time, stop this madness for crying out loud!!!

He Got His Game Face On

Everybody calm the F down. Stop what you are doing ASAP. We need to protect this precious human-being at all costs.