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Thank You For Making Our Childhoods Awesome, Legend: Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Reportedly Died a Hero While Trying to Save People From Drowning

Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi

Earlier this year, the famous and talented Japanese manga artist, Kazuki Takahashi, unfortunately, passed away due to a drowning accident. And people all over the world had been heartbroken after hearing the horrid news.

Yu-Gi-Oh anime series
Yu-Gi-Oh! was developed by Japanese artist and creator, Kazuki Takahashi

However, a few vital developments have come to the surface with regard to the creator’s death that hadn’t been provided before. According to this latest report, Kazuki Takahashi had gotten caught up in a wild riptide which ultimately led to his death.

The details have been published in the U.S. military’s daily newspaper.

The Okinawa riptide incident

On July 6, 2022, Kazuki Takahashi was announced dead, the reason for his death being proclaimed as an unlucky drowning accident.

But some new aspects with regard to his death have recently been found. And a report of the same made its way to Stars & Stripes, a news service of the U.S. military organization.

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Kazuki Takahashi
Kazuki Takahashi

Major Robert Bourgeau, a U.S. Army officer got recognized for his valor in the face of a dangerous situation as he rescued three people from falling prey to a savage riptide. The incident was the same one that involved Takahashi and took place at a well-known dive spot called Okinawa.

Two civilians along with a U.S. soldier had been trying to break free from the riptide that had seized them, and as soon as the 49-year-old Major spotted them, he went headfirst toward the source of danger to help them. Bourgeau was “still wearing his running shoes” as he jumped in to save people.

Kabuki Takahashi had lived and died as a legend

The report stated that even though the riptide was menacing enough in itself, 6-foot waves had started to form, simultaneously crashing against it, thereby making the situation much worse. The whirlpool effect that was borne as a result had been the reason swimmers had gotten drawn into the tide.

Certain “sworn witness statements” given by the Army mentioned how Takahashi had also made an attempt to help the people struggling to get to the shore. But individuals present at the scene were only able to catch a glimpse or two of him “until he disappeared beneath the waves.” 

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Kazuki Takahashi
Kazuki Takahashi tried to help people from drowning

Bourgeau, a trained scuba diving instructor, also confirmed that. He recalled how, while he had been trying to save three people from getting caught in the riptide, 60-year-old Takahashi had also been trying to do the same. “He’s a hero,” the army officer said to S&S with regard to the famous manga artist. “He died trying to save someone else.” 

The Japanese Coast Guard found Takahashi’s body the next day on the coast of Nago in the northern part of Okinawa.

The world will always remember the author of Yu-Gi-Oh! as a hero and though he isn’t between us anymore, Takahashi will continue to live in the heart of the people that loved him.

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Source: Kotaku 

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