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“Thank you for your principled stance for our dear frontline communities”: Hulk Star Mark Ruffalo Turns into Mother Nature’s Santa Claus, Proves Why People Will Always Love Him


Hulk might be a bulked-up green monster on the outside, but he has a heart of gold on the inside.

Besides being a successful actor, Mark Ruffalo is also an eco-conscious individual and a sincere environmentalist. What’s more, the American actor and producer has time and again utilized his money and power by investing his time in battling climate injustice. While the other Avengers were busy fighting the bad guys in films, Bruce Banner was doing it in real life.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

The Now You See Me star has always encouraged sustainability and his activism against wiping out the dangers of climate change stands as a testament to the same. In a recent case, wherein Senator Joe Manchin III pushed for a rather controversial bill, the Zodiac actor voiced his unfiltered opinions, once again using his platform to inspire real change.

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Mark Ruffalo is Not Afraid to Take A Stand

The end of September witnessed quite a lot of unease following Sen. Joe Manchin’s permitting deal which would lead to fossil fuel projects and other such alarming energy crusades getting streamlined. In a strange act of unity, Progressives and Republicans joined forces to nip the dangerous venture in the bud. And you know it’s serious when the most unlikely of groups end up becoming allies toward a common mission.

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Mark Ruffalo - The Solutions Project
Mark Ruffalo – The Solutions Project

Courtesy of various “environmental justice communities” that maintained a strong line of defense, the aforementioned permitting process didn’t go through after all. And in light of these events, Marvel star Mark Ruffalo expressed his gratitude toward the said communities that put up such a great fight.

Ruffalo has always been an environmental enthusiast and a staunch opponent of the fossil fuel industry. He serves as one of the most significant founders of The Solutions Project, an organization that fights climate change and fosters the usage of renewable energy within local communities. Furthermore, the Dark Waters star has contributed substantially to the TSP over the years since it was founded back in 2013. More proof that, unlike many other celebs, Ruffalo isn’t just a talk no-show.

Fans Appreciate Mark Ruffalo for His Genuine Activism 

The Hulk's MCU Characterisation
Mark Ruffalo is a real-life eco-conscious Bruce Banner

Ruffalo, 55, has never hesitated to use his influence for the greater cause of climate preservation. Even when it comes to holding the country’s political leaders accountable for certain aspects, the Begin Again actor has never refrained from calling anyone out on their actions. If anything, his recent tweet is evidence that he genuinely cares about what happens to the environment he lives in. And fans absolutely love him for that.

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And once again, Ruffalo has proved why Hulk is the best Avenger out of all the others. At this point, he could even pass for a real-life Avenger, all thanks to his devotion towards activism and preservation.

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Written by Khushi Shah

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