“Thanks. Appreciate this!”: Even Idris Elba Can’t Keep Calm as Sonic Spin-off ‘Knuckles’ Reaches Yet Another Milestone

Idris Elba felt very happy after Rotten Tomatoes revealed his miniseries 'Knuckles' is certified fresh.

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  • Paramount+'s Knuckles set a new milestone after achieving more than 4 million hours of viewership.
  • Idris Elba took to Twitter his excitement and revealed in an interview what he loves about his character.
  • The plan for Knuckles' sequel remains unknown but co-creator says they are "interested".
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Paramount’s miniseries Knuckles has made new history by becoming the most-watched original series on the platform on its premiere weekend. It was viewed more than 4 million hours after releasing all six episodes last April.

paramount knuckles
Paramount+’s Knuckles

Knuckles also helped give a boost in the viewership of other Sonic the Hedgehog titles. This made Idris Elba feel very happy as he expressed gratitude on his social media platform.

Idris Elba Celebrates The Success Of Paramount’s Knuckles

Executive vice president of programming at Paramount+ Jeff Grossman released a statement via Variety about the success of Knuckles.


The ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ fans came out in full force. We’re so thrilled with the record-breaking performance of ‘Knuckles’ and the incredible lift the whole Sonic universe has experienced following ‘Knuckles” premiere.”

idris elba cbs news
Idris Elba via CBS News

Idris Elba, who played the titular character, discussed the series in his interview with Collider and shared what he’s excited for the audience to see from the franchise.

How funny it is, how it does not shy away from being super detailed, and just as good in terms of quality and depth and writing and performance as the movie series. I think that if you wanted to know a little bit more about Knuckles, you get to know a whole lot more about him so that’s what I like about. It is a real universe dive.”

In fact, the actor shared a post on his Twitter account from Rotten Tomatoes claiming the show is certified fresh. Indeed, it received an average score of 72% while the audience gave it a 74% as of this writing.


Will There Be A Sequel To Knuckles?

paramount knuckles-3
Paramount+’s Knuckles

Series co-creator Toby Ascher talked about the future of Knuckles after its impressive performance. He said via Yahoo! Entertainment:

There are other ideas in television that we’re interested in, and of course, there are also a lot of movie ideas. Knowing that we have this world and these characters that fans care about so much, we’re focusing on finding the best stories and figuring out how to tell them within that world. Then we follow that towards what the best format for them would be [either as a TV show or a movie].”

He mentioned this after giving an in-depth explanation of the character and his motives, including his shifting values that add more flavor to the narrative. 

When we met Knuckles in Sonic 2, he had this singular focus to get the Master Emerald and protect it, because that’s what his focus had been his entire life. This show asks what the warrior does after the war is over, and what we ultimately learn is that Knuckles’ values are shifting… Going forward in the franchise, he has found his family, and he’s going to protect them — and that means protecting this planet.”

Apart from Elba, the cast of Knuckles also featured guests such as Edi Patterson, Stockard Channing, Scott Mescudi, Rory McCann, Cary Elwes, Ellie Taylor, Julian Barratt, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, and Colleen O’Shaughnessey.


Knuckles is available to stream via Paramount+.


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