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“Thanks pops”: Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Legit Called Robert Downey Jr Daddy After RDJ Saved Him from Being Humiliated on Live Television

"Thanks pops": Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Legit Called Robert Downey Jr Daddy After RDJ Saved Him from Being Humiliated on Live Television

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. have established a relationship similar to that of father and son. They have even joked about Holland being Downey’s son. Holland first got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by being introduced to the Avengers as Spider-Man by Iron Man. The two have gone to many interviews together and share a relationship rather familial both on-screen and off-screen.

Tom Holland FandomWire
Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.

The two actors have appeared in multiple movies together and have had some memorable interactions. From Captain America: Civil War to Avengers: Endgame both the actors have had multiple interactions and Peter Parker even learned to step out of Tony Stark’s shadow. Holland even mistook Downey’s body double as the actor and completely freaked out before him.

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Tom Holland Called Robert Downey Jr ‘Pops’

During an interview, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland were asked about whether or not they watched Spider-Man: Homecoming yet. Holland admitted to having watched it only a month before the interview took place. He was explaining the experience of watching his first solo movie and how nervous he kept growing the more he got closer to watching the film. He used the analogy of an exam and how nerve-racking it can be after you’ve given it and even though one may think they have aced it, the thought of the opposite slowly starts building up.

Tom Holland FandomWire
Tom Holland

Holland was then interrupted by Robert Downey Jr. The actor then confirmed that an exam is a test for the American audience. Jokingly the actor then reminded everyone that he is English and is based in England. Jimmy Kimmel then added how it was a good thing for Tom Holland to have a translator with him wherever he goes. In revert to that, Holland replied with a “thanks pops,” pointing at how Downey is basically like a dad to him.

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Robert Downey Jr Could Be In The Next Fast And The Furious Movie

Vin Diesel has expressed how he would like to see Robert Downey Jr. become a part of the Fast and the Furious franchise. He stated as to how Diesel would love to see him join and become part of the family.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

“Without telling you too much about what happens in the future, there’s a character who is the antithesis of Dom who is promoting AI and driverless cars and a philosophy that with that goes your freedom,” he said. “There is somebody that believes that’s the future, and that’s at direct odds with the Toretto mentality.”

The cast of the franchise only grows as the movies make it even bigger. The actor already has a role in mind for Downey and is hoping to see him take it up in the future.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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