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Thanos’ Infinity Snap Might Have Made MCU’s Vampires Stronger

Thanos Infinity Snap Might Have Made MCUs Vampires Stronger

The consequences of Thanos’ snap will keep playing out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come. And we have already seen the aftereffects of this massive event. We have witnessed how the absence of Captain America and Iron Man has affected everyone left behind. We have also seen the effects of half the population returning after the Endgame’s Blip.

Thanos' Infinity Snap Might Have Made MCU's Vampires Stronger

However, what we haven’t seen yet is the effect of Mad Titan’s snap on the supernatural elements of the universe. We are seeing a few things such as Doctor Strange taking on a greater role in the MCU with Agatha Harkness returning to her WandaVision spinoff. The snap could possibly give rise to the undead and give their rival, Blade, a long-awaited debut.

Thanos’ Snap: How It Empowers the Vampires?

We know that Thanos’ snap wiped out more than half of the living beings in the universe. This loss allowed the survivors to unite and stand against the unprecedented times. However, with limited resources, the collapse of several major cities, and society itself, humans are taxed to their limits. Earth and humans are in survival mode and things are just falling like dominos.

Thanos' Infinity Snap Might Have Made MCU's Vampires Stronger
Thanos’ Snap

However, Thanos’ snap might have not affected a certain supernatural element of the universe and that is Vampires. Since they are already dead creatures predating on humans, they wouldn’t have been wiped out from the earth. In fact, they would have grown in power and become stronger since there was no one to oppose them. Doctor Strange was lost five years after the snap so vampires had an open chance to exploit the already distraught humans. Moreover, the surviving Avengers would be busy holding on to what’s left of the planet and humanity to give any attention to vampires.

In What If…?, we have seen how zombie outbreaks wreaked havoc on humanity. This particular story took place before the snap and took the heroes by surprise. Similarly, it will be too easy for a coordinated group of vampires to take over and show their dominance. Although they are a serious threat to humanity, they can draw some opposition. And Marvel has the right candidate for that.

Thanos’ Snap: How It Created an Opportunity for MCU’s Blade?

Now vampires are certainly powerful creatures. However, one thing to note is that why they couldn’t take over humanity in the five years between snap and blip. One reason could be their rival Blade keeping them in check. Although Blade’s MCU debut remains still on the horizon, this is the best way to bring the character into the picture.

Thanos' Infinity Snap Might Have Made MCU's Vampires Stronger
MCU’s Blade

On the off-chance, Blade can make an appearance in Hawkeye, as he is one of the people who used Ronin’s identity. If not this, there is a high chance, he might take interest in the Tracksuit Draculas who are shown as vampires. However, a more logical debut for Blade will be him operating in secret and keeping vampires in check.

Blade has worked with other teams over the years. This practically makes him a part of the Avengers. In fact, he was a main member of Avengers when they were caught between two groups of vampires fighting, one group led by Dracula. In the future, he can play a similar role if the team encounters a vampiric threat.


Written by Aditi Thosar