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Thanos’ Parents, Death, & Their Possible Cameo In MCU

Let’s talk about Thanos’ parents, how they died, and if they can have a possible cameo in the MCU. So far, Thanos, the Mad Titan has been the ultimate big bad as everyone fell before him. He is so might that even the likes of every superhero on earth (MCU) could not stop him from achieving his goals. It took the combined efforts of the brightest minds to plan a time heist and eventually defeat Thanos but at a very heavy cost. However, who was responsible for this cosmic threat, and who shaped Thanos to become whoever he came? Let’s find out more about Thanos’ parents, their death, and whether or not they’ll appear in the MCU.

Thanos’s Parents – A’Lars and Sui-San

Thanos was born to A’Lard and Sui-San and was a pure Eternal. He was born into the ruling family of the ancient Eternals, however, the time was of a civil war. Moreover, the conflict was so devastating that A’Lars even gave up the throne to his brother Zuras and exiled himself to a distant moon of Titan. He then went on to use his impeccable mind for the greater good in the universe.

On the other hand, Sui-San was on the same moon that A’Lars was at. He learned that she is the last survivor of the war-mongering Eternals. Moreover, he learned that his father had banished her from the Earth in the aftermath of the war. As a couple, A’Lard and Sui-San transformed the barren moon into a lush, life-sustaining place and even re-populated the place with the right technology. They eventually fell in love and had twins – Eros, who was average-looking, and the other, Thanos.

How Did Thanos’ Parents Die?

A’Lars, upon looking at Thanos, embraced his son well, for he knew how Sui-San would react. His worst fears came true. As soon as Sui-San looked at Thanos and his deformity, she tried to kill him moments after his birth. As a result, this very experience traumatized and changed Thanos for the rest of his life. However, on the other hand, A’Lars constantly tried to make things better for his son but none of it worked. He tried his best to raise his sons while Sui-San was institutionalized.

After Sui-San and Thanos reunited, she tried to become a better mother but Thanos was way past amends. However, the experience is changed in many iterations. But the outcome never changes. Thanos has killed her in every continuity. Either it could be unintentionally during an assault on Titan, or deliberately by dissecting her open to see why he was born differently. Thanos’ deformity was eventually linked to Deviant DNA lurking within the Eternals.

As for A’Lars, he was shaken to the core after knowing what he’s done to his mother. So, he went on to undermine Thanos’ reign of terror. So, he assisted many people in bringing down Thanos, such as Drax the Destroyer, the Silver Surfer, and Captain Mar-Vell. Thanos met his father when he went to him with a terminating illness for aid. He refused because he didn’t have the cure. However, A’Lars said that he wouldn’t have helped him even if he had it. And of course, we know what Thanos did next.

Could Thanos’ Parents Appear In The MCU?

Marvel's Eternals (2021)
Marvel’s Eternals (2021)

Yes, there’s a huge possibility that Thanos’ parents might feature in an upcoming MCU film, Eternal. Now, the big question is, would Marvel take the risk of giving us Thanos’ backstory along with his parents? The only time that we’ve heard of Thanos’ parents in the MCU is from Red Skull, and that too in one sentence. Hence, Eternals brings the perfect opportunity to introduce Mad Titan’s parents.

Kro in Eternals
Kro in Eternals

As of now, no direct connection in the MCU has been made between the Eternals and the Titans. But it may just become clear that the Eternals hold much more responsibility for Thanos’ actions than shown in the trailer. Moreover, Thanos bears similarities to Kro, the Deviant we saw in the latest Eternals trailer, who’s another humanoid Deviant. Plus, considering the innate drive towards destruction, it could explain why Thanos was so hell-bent on achieving his goal of mass genocide. But on the other hand, the movie has the perfect opportunity to focus on Thanos’ backstory and introduce at least one of his parents to provide even more credibility to his years in the MCU.

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