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“That almost killed Superman”: Even Henry Cavill Could Not Help but Troll His Controversial Mustache From DCU’s Justice League

"That almost killed Superman": Even Henry Cavill Could Not Help but Troll His Controversial Mustache From DCU's Justice League

Henry Cavill has always been commended for his dashing appearance. His roles in various movies have managed to mesmerize the audience with ease. His characters have always had a unique feature about them that separates one from the others. Whether it be Superman’s iconic suit or Sherlock Holmes’s curly hair, Cavill manages to leave a mark in every project to mark his character to be irreplaceable.

Mission Impossible 8: Henry Cavill Is Returning To Play August Walker Opposite Tom Cruise?
Henry Cavill as August Walker

One such significant feature had been his mustache which separated August Walker from the rest of his roles. The visible change in his looks had made the fans spiral in the wonder of whether or not they liked it on him. Surprisingly enough, this concern was not of the fans alone but the actor as well could only imagine what was to happen when fans saw him with it.

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Henry Cavill Found His Mustache To Be More Powerful Than Superman

When the question was raised about Henry Cavill’s return to the Mission: Impossible franchise, the actor remarked about how the character was dead but one never knows as to what could happen in the future. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the host joked about how he simply has to take off a mask without explanation and the audience would roll with it without asking a question.

HD wallpaper: Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, August Walker | Wallpaper Flare
Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout

“And you know how powerful that is. I mean, I almost killed Superman.”

To this, the actor replied with how the mustache was strong enough to withstand the force of the hook and keep him alive. They then continued to talk about how the returning character would be Walker but without the mustache. Then the two focused on how impactful the mustache must have been because going up against Superman is a task enough, and to kill him, now that is a nearly impossible thing to accomplish.

Henry Cavill’s mustache became an issue while filming Justice League. Due to his contract with Paramount, the actor was not allowed to remove it under any circumstance. Joss Whedon had been working on the reshoots of the film extensively. Unfortunately, for Cavill, these took place side by side with his shoot of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The decision was made to edit this stache out. It was removed purely by using CGI and to Whedon’s dismay, that was the smallest of his problems because of the other backlash the movie got.

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Henry Cavill Is Fond Of American Football

A peculiar fact about the actor is that although he is very close to his British heritage, Henry Cavill is a huge fan of NFL Football. The Man of Steel actor is a Chiefs fan and follows American Football despite all the debate between British football is American soccer.

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Henry Cavill

The actor revealed that all the time he spent in the country made him interested in the sport and the process of choosing a team had been a particularly interesting one. He knew that he had no other option but to pick a team, so instead of going for a team that would be according to a friend that he has, he picked a team Superman would support. He went for the Chiefs because they were a team from Kansas, much like Clark Kent’s Earthly origins.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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