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Better Call Saul Creator Peter Gould Reveals a Drastically Shocking Alternate Ending That Fortunately Never Made It To Season Finale

Better Call Saul

[Spoiler Warning]

Better Call Saul series finale concluded on Monday. The finale concluded with Jimmy McGill being imprisoned. With this being the series finale, it may be the last time Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler were seen together on screen. But actress Rhea Seehorn does not think that it would be the last time they will see each other. 

More wins at Emmys? Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul Season 6 follows up on the events of season 5. The season shows how Jimmy becomes a criminal defense lawyer, Saul Goodman, as he and his wife Kim plan to go after Harward Hamlin. 

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Better Call Saul Series Finale

At the end of season 6, Jimmy was announced to serve 86 years in prison. But when Kim visits him, he says that the sentencing can be reduced seeing his good behavior. 

In a virtual press conference, Seehorn said, “I am a hopeless romantic.” Also said that Kim might continue to see each other and also try to figure out a way to reduce his sentence, legally.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to return for Better Call Saul Season 6
Better Call Saul

The director and writer of the series, Peter Gould, said he had written the scene in several ways. But in the end, he kept it simple by saying, “They don’t have to say much to each other.” 

Peter Gould Talks About an Alternate Ending

Many shows go on perfectly but end up with either a bad or unsatisfied ending. Well, that was not the case for Better Calls Saul. Fans seem satisfied and are happy with the series finale. 

During an interview with TVLine, Peter Gould had an alternate ending that was under development but was not finalized. Gould further said that the writers of the show were planning on a different ending. He said that Jimmy and Kim were supposed to meet in Albuquerque before he is sent to prison. In this ending, Jimmy is shown standing alone in jail by himself. 

better call saul
Better Call Saul

He said he was satisfied with this ending and liked it better, but it seemed a little cold. He also said that in the original ending, Jimmy was fearful of what may happen to him in prison. But in the end, everyone decided that ending the show with the two of them together will be the strongest way to go. 

Jimmy shoots Finger Guns at Kim

Referring to the scene where Jimmy shoots finger guns at Kim, Pete Gould said that there was a version where we did not have that. It ended with the two of them smoking and Kim leaving prison. He said, “I went back and forth on that for a while.”

They shot both scenes, and upon watching them both, Gould said that he liked the finger shooting one more and decided to keep it in. The writer also said that it felt more right and honest for the two of them to be together instead of being apart from each other.

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What Could Have Been the Possible Ending of El Camino?

During the production of the Breaking Bad sequel, El Camino, Saul co-creator, Vince Gilligan suggested several possible endings for the movie. Gould said that one of the endings proposed for that movie was very similar to Better Call Saul’s ending. 

better call saul 6 kim
Better Call Saul

In El Camino, Jesse survives the compound siege and makes it to Alaska as a free man. There he is ready to start over. But according to Gilligan’s suggested ending, Jesse ends up in prison after confessing all his crimes in court. 

After long delays due to Covid-19, the show released its first half on April 18, 2022, and the last half premiered on July 11, 2022. Better Calls Saul season 6 had 13 episodes. It aired on AMC, and the series is also available on Netflix. 

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