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“That may take him a little more time than others”: James Gunn’s Unannounced DCU Projects for Chapter One Have Left Fans Convinced Ben Affleck is Returning Back for a Solid Reason

“That may take him a little more time than others”: James Gunn’s Unannounced DCU Projects for Chapter One Have Left Fans Convinced Ben Affleck is Returning Back for a Solid Reason

James Gunn and Peter Safran took the world of superheroes by storm when they finally announced the two projects that are going to be a part of DC Universe’s upcoming chapter 1 titled, “Gods and Monsters.” Along with the ten projects announced, another thing that has fans all excited is that Ben Affleck will be directing one of the new projects.

James Gunn
James Gunn

While the duo did announce ten, and may we add super-exciting projects, James Gunn did reveal that they aren’t the only projects of Chapter 1 and that a couple of projects are yet to be announced. Thanks to his announcement about the two unannounced projects, fans are convinced that one of them has Ben Affleck sitting in the director’s chair.

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Is Ben Affleck Directing an Unannounced DCU Film?

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

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Ahead of the slate’s announcement, James Gunn stated that he and Peter Safran have kept two projects out of the spotlight for now, citing spoilers and time issues as the two reasons. For the first project, Gunn believes that the idea itself is enough to reveal a bit too much about DCU’s upcoming future, which the duo does not want. For the second project, he stated that it might take a little longer for the release thanks to the director working on it.

“There’s one thing I know is my favorite, one of my favorite projects of all of this. And it’s just so totally unique that the idea itself is giving away too much when it may not come out for two or three years. Also, with some other things, it’s kind of a choice. We have a director working on a really fantastic other project that may take him a little more time than some other people.”

A director that likes to take his time on a movie to make sure it ends up reaching perfection? A name pops up in our minds – Ben Affleck! Affleck so far has a handful of movies to his name as a director. Out of these films, Argo, which tells the true story of an extractor, won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The Town and Gone Baby Gone were also highly praised by critics. 

The fact that his movies have received such high praise just goes on to say that Affleck likes to take his time to reach perfection. Adding to this, Gunn and Safran have already announced Affleck as director for DCU. Putting two and two together, there might be a hunch that the Good Will Hunting actor is going to be directing the second unannounced film. 

Needless to say, Affleck knows what he’s doing. Getting his style to the adaptations of DC Comics will certainly turn out to be a bit of fresh air for the superhero universe. 

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The DCU Heads Talk about Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck as batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

During the slate’s announcement, Gunn stated that Affleck has been a part of the team that is bringing things together for a new future. He also added that the actor wants to direct a project and that everyone is super excited about that happening.

“We’re working with Ben Affleck, who really wants to be…has been a part of our architectural team trying to bring things together. And he really wants to direct one of our projects, and we’re excited for him doing that.”

When asked if Affleck, who has played Batman in the DCU, will be directing Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Safran clarified that nothing is confirmed stating, “No, no, no, no. We’re just talking to Ben in general about stuff.” Gunn added,

“Yeah, we and Ben have not decided together exactly…We’re talking about two different projects right now.” 

However, fans really, really want Affleck to direct the new Batman movie, given his experience and familiarity with the character. For now, though, nothing can be said with certainty. Given the fact that Gunn and Safran took their sweet time to announce the ten projects, we can only imagine when we will find out about the two mystery projects. Stay tuned for updates! 

Source: Slash Film

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