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“That mother*cker owes me some money”: Ice Cube Breaks Silence on Beef With Kevin Hart Over Dwayne Johnson Friendship

ice cube, kevin hart and dwayne johnson

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have developed a close friendship over the years, built on mutual respect, collaboration, and a shared sense of humor. Their dynamic partnership has not only brought laughter to audiences but has also showcased the strength of their bond both on and off-screen.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Ride Along
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Ride Along

The friendship between Ice Cube, a renowned rapper, actor, and filmmaker, and Kevin Hart, a famous comedian, and actor, began flourishing when they first worked together on the hit comedy film Ride Along in 2014. The chemistry between the two was undeniable, and their comedic timing complemented each other perfectly, resulting in a hilarious and successful film. However, Ice Cube claims that Kevin Hart owes him money. 

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How Much Money Does Kevin Hart Owe To Ice Cube

During an episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsiveshow, Ice Cube revealed that Kevin Hart still owes him some money for a bet. Ice Cube recalled the time he bet Hart that he was going to be better friends with Dwayne Johnson than him. 

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“That motherf*cker owes me some money. He owes me a dollar because I bet him that he was gonna end up being more friends with Rock than me. After he did one movie and his groupie ass is over there with The Rock… I want it all in pennies, too,” Ice Cube joked.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was shown the clip during his appearance on the podcast. Hart’s reaction to Ice Cube’s claims was hilarious, as he said that Ice Cube is still one of his good friends. He said, “That’s ridiculous; who are you talking about? Cube is one of my best friends in the business.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have collaborated on multiple projects, including the two installments of Ride Along. Their effortless banter and ability to play off each other’s strengths have made their on-screen collaborations immensely enjoyable for audiences.

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Kevin Hart’s BFFs In Entertainment Industry

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have formed a genuine friendship. They have been known to support and root for each other’s endeavors, appearing at each other’s premieres and publicly expressing their admiration for one another. Their camaraderie extends beyond the spotlight, often sharing behind-the-scenes moments and humorous interactions on social media.

Besides, Kevin Hart shares a similar dynamic with Dwayne Johnson. They share a friendship that is as entertaining as it is heartwarming. Their bond goes beyond their professional collaborations, demonstrating a genuine camaraderie and mutual respect that has endeared them to fans worldwide.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji premiere
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji premiere

They first teamed up on-screen in the action-comedy film Central Intelligence in 2016. Their comedic chemistry and playful banter immediately resonated with audiences, creating a dynamic duo that was equal parts hilarious and endearing. The success of their collaboration led to subsequent projects, including the blockbuster film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its sequel Jumanji: The Next Level.

Ride Along is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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