“That movie is not aging well”: Emily Ratajkowski Slammed Tom Cruise’s Mortal Enemy Judd Apatow for Mistreating Megan Fox in $88M Comedy for Cheap Laughs 

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Emily Ratajkowski Slammed Tom Cruise's Mortal Enemy Judd Apatow for Mistreating Megan Fox in $88M Comedy for Cheap Laughs 

Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known model, actress, and activist. Her rise to fame began with appearances in music videos and her breakout role in the Blurred Lines video. Ratajkowski is equally recognized for her commitment to promoting body positivity, advocating for women’s rights, and addressing various social and political issues.

Emily Ratajkowski Pete Davidson
Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has expressed her disapproval of the s*xualization of Megan Fox in the film This Is 40, directed by Judd Apatow. In the 2012 comedy, Fox portrays Desi, a boutique saleswoman who is implied to have a secondary job as a high-end escort.

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Emily Ratajkowski Called Out Judd Apatow For His Film

In a memorable scene, Megan Fox’s character, Desi, receives inappropriate comments from her boss, portrayed by Leslie Mann, who not only compliments Desi’s lingerie-clad appearance but also inappropriately questions the authenticity of her br*asts while engaging in a close-up shot.

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During a discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival with comedian Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski praised the film, describing it as both funny and on-point. She recommended it to anyone with a spouse and children. However, she expressed her concerns about how Megan Fox’s character is mistreated in the movie.

Emily Ratajkowski said (via US Weekly): 

“That movie is not aging well,” she said.

Judd Apatow
Judd Apatow

Besides, Judd Apatow was also criticized for roasting Tom Cruise for his height. During the DGA Awards, Judd Apatow delivered some humorous jabs aimed at Tom Cruise and his way of life. Although the DGAs weren’t broadcasted, Variety reported on some of Apatow’s wisecracks, which began with playful remarks about Cruise’s stature.

Apatow said according to Variety:

“The special effects in ‘Maverick’ were so top notch, I couldn’t even see the stack of phone books Tom Cruise sat on to reach the flight controls.”

Apatow didn’t limit himself to those remarks, though; he also directed his humor toward Tom Cruise’s adherence to Scientology.

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Emily Ratajkowski Called Hollywood A Horrible Place

As reported by Variety, the actress conveyed her disenchantment with the film industry, characterizing it as a deeply troubled environment. She went on to explain that she didn’t view acting as a medium for artistic expression but rather felt objectified.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski told Variety:

“I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m an artist performing and this is my outlet,'” she said, “I felt like a piece of meat who people were judging, saying, ‘Does she have anything else other than her [br*asts]?'”

In early 2020, Emily Ratajkowski made the decision to part ways with her acting agent, commercial representative, and manager. She did so with the expectation that they would have the ability to secure roles that could help establish her as a respected actress with a lasting career.

Ratajkowski clarified her lack of trust in her team and her need to assume control over her career choices. She believed that none of them genuinely prioritized her welfare, and their unfavorable attitude toward women played a significant role in her choice to terminate their professional relationships.

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Source: US WeeklyVariety

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