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“That movie is really good”: Ezra Miller’s The Flash Gets Certified Great by Ben Affleck as Batman Actor Leaves Superhero Franchise for Good After Painful Experiences 

“That movie is really good”: Ezra Miller’s The Flash Gets Certified Great by Ben Affleck as Batman Actor Leaves Superhero Franchise for Good After Painful Experiences 

Ben Affleck will be returning as Bruce Wayne one final time in Ezra Miller’s The Flash. The movie may have been raised in a flood of controversies and is already seeing a large scale of fans being against it because of the lead actor and every controversial event that they are involved in. Affleck has previously talked about how he has not always had a good experience while shooting for Batman.

Ben Affleck Credits Matt Damon With Decision to Quit Being Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

This might have changed ultimately with the upcoming movie marking his stamp of approval. The actor has opened up about his work in the DC Universe in the past and not all of it has been rainbows and sunshine. In fact, for the most part, he was just glad to part ways with the franchise once he got the chance.

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Ben Affleck Thinks The Flash Is An Amazing Movie

Ben Affleck shared his experience of working on the set of The Flash and how the work he did for the movie had been unlike any other superhero movie that he has been a part of. His work and effort have been the best according to Affleck, and the actor is very excited to bring to the fans his last performance as Batman.

Ben Affleck will return as Batman in The Flash movie |
Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller as Batman and Flash

“You know what? That movie’s good, that movie’s really good, and it’s my best sh*t I’ve done as Batman, I’ve finally figured out how to play the guy”

He confirmed that the movie was incredible and it will not be wrong to presume that it could be the best DCU movie to date. However, the same expectations were put on Black Adam and fans were not happy to be disappointed by it. Getting Affleck’s approval might make things different. He has been a good judge of movies so far, giving out some incredible flicks that have made the audience audibly gasp. So to expect the same out of The Flash might not be wrong.

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Could Ezra Miller’s Reputation Affect The Flash?

A concern that rises despite multiple people praising The Flash is if Ezra Miller’s distorted reputation could interfere with the movie’s success. It is no doubt that fans had already planned on boycotting the movie since Warner Bros. Discovery has not taken any action yet on the actor’s fate in the franchise.

Warner Bros. Has A Plan To Save The Flash Movie By Hiding Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller as The Flash

This can also disrupt the hard work that Ben Affleck has put into perfecting his role in the movie. He is extremely proud of the movie and the work done on it has given hope to the fans, but will it be enough to bring the fans into theatres and support the film? Needless to say, the future of The Flash is so far foggy and purely depends on the actions of the audience.

The Flash will be available to watch in theatres from 16th June 2023.

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