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“That movie su*ks, you can’t get around that”: James Franco Regrets His Movie With Natalie Portman That Earned Less Than $30 Million at Box Office

"That movie su*ks, you can't get around that": James Franco Regrets His Movie With Natalie Portman That Earned Less Than $30 Million at Box Office

James Franco, the talented actor, musician, poet, and student, has never held back his opinions. Franco discusses his public persona, career decisions, and the movie he thinks fails in an interview with GQ magazine.

Franco claims one of his movies, which made less than $30 million at the box office, is irredeemable. Franco’s frank comments shed light on the struggles actors face in their quest to create memorable film performances, and the actor is well-known for his adaptability and high-quality work.

Your Highness: A Regrettable Choice

James Franco in Your Highness
James Franco in Your Highness

When asked about his worst career decision, James Franco quickly names Your Highness as the movie that fell short of his expectations.

“Your Highness? That movie s*cks. You can’t get around that.”

Box office receipts for the film, in which Natalie Portman also stars, were under $30 million, and critical reception was mixed at best. James Franco’s reputation has been the subject of much discussion throughout his career.

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The actor is aware that his public image is a combination of his own creation and the opinions of the general public. However, Franco is unfazed by any potential ridicule.

“My public persona is something that is only partially constructed by me, so if people want to mock that, it’s fine. I mock it.”

James Franco
James Franco

James Franco’s ability to embrace and not take himself too seriously in his public persona is demonstrated here through self-mockery. Upon further consideration, Franco admits he would be very interested in a sequel to the cult classic Pineapple Express.


The movie was a commercial and critical success, leaving audiences wanting more. However, fans were later left disappointed as Sony shot down the idea of the second movie due to concerns about the budget.

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James Franco Is Making A New Movie

James Franco
James Franco

Since his interview with GQ, James Franco’s career has progressed in ways that have surprised and delighted fans. They can rest assured that he will continue to test himself creatively, take on new roles, and look for opportunities to showcase his skills as an actor, director, and artist.

Since his last movie, Arctic Dogs, James Franco will next be seen in a 2024 production titled The Price of Money: A Largo Winch Adventure. In the movie, James Franco steps outside of his comfort zone and into the world of action and adventure.

Fans are anticipating his performance as a character who navigates a perilous investigation while facing personal demons because the film marks his return to the big screen. James Franco’s ability to fully immerse himself in his characters’ minds and deliver emotionally charged performances makes him a natural choice for the part.

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Despite his failed movie, the American actor still remains an artist to keep an eye on in the years to come. The 127 hours star’s role in The Price of Money: A Largo Winch Adventure promises an exciting and captivating performance, and fans can’t wait to see him back in the spotlight.

Source: GQ

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