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“That show shouldn’t exist”: Zack Snyder Issues Warning About Making a Movie on Zendaya’s Euphoria

"That show shouldn't exist": Zack Snyder Issues Warning About Making a Movie on Zendaya's Euphoria

Zack Snyder is one of the leading filmmakers in the Hollywood industry who has dominated superhero films with his direction and production. From Watchmen to the hit 2021 film, Justice League, he has cemented a great legacy. Being a prominent personality in the film industry, his words are sometimes of quite a heavy weight which is why his recent statement is not to be overlooked.

Zack Snyder
 American film director, Zack Snyder

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The producer in a recent appearance opened up about the freedom which the TV industry is providing based on content, unlike films. Not just that, he also shared his opinion on making a film on Zendaya’s hit show, Euphoria.

Zack Snyder Stated His Opinion on Making a Film on Zendaya’s Euphoria

Zendaya as Rue Bennet in a still from Euphoria
Zendaya as Rue Bennet in a still from Euphoria

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The 26-year-old Zendaya is the protagonist of the hit series, Euphoria which revolves around Rue Bennett who is a recovering teenage drug addict struggling to find her place in the world.

The series kicked off in 2019 and garnered positive critic reviews. Being such a famous show, director Zack Snyder shared his opinion on the same during an appearance on Russo Brothers’ new Pizza Film School podcast.

Talking about that TV is having its real golden age nowadays due to the content which is “much better at showing you something that you’ve never seen before, or catching you off balance or making a turn that you didn’t see coming.”

During explaining his point, he presented the hit series as his example and praised the show for its subject matter.

“They’re way riskier. ‘Euphoria,’ for instance, I was just watching the show [and] it’s just unbelievable. That show shouldn’t exist; it’s so good.”

He further continued,

“And that’s the kind of thing I watch that show and go, ‘This movie would never get made; this movie can’t exist.’”

Zynder wanted to showcase the depth that TV shows often indulge in meanwhile a movie has to portray each element precisely within a limited time frame. Not only on Euphoria, but he also took Squid Game and threw light more on what he wanted to convey.

Zack Snyder’s Take on Squid Game

Zack Synder expressed his opinion on the Squid Game
A still from Squid Game

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Synder went on to express his take on the South Korean hit series, Squid Game which quickly enticed fans’ attention and became Netflix’s most-watched series.

He shared,

“You could imagine ‘Squid Game’ coming here as a movie; it would be an arthouse [film], maybe.”

He further added,

“‘Euphoria’ and ‘Squid Game’ take you to places where you have no idea where you are going or what’s happening, and I think that’s what people want.”

In terms of TV series, it gives fans a different level of emotional attachment unlike the films provide to their viewers. In the series, one gets to see different plots and characters developing at a slower pace leaving major space for other elements, unlike the films.

Euphoria is streaming on HBO meanwhile Squid Game is available on Netflix.

Source: Pizza Film School podcast

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