“That stupid Marvel character”: Die Hard Iron Man Fan Joe Rogan “Fu*king hates” One Major Marvel Character

Die Hard Iron Man Fan Joe Rogan Fucking hates One Major Marvel Character
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Amidst the plethora of characters that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer to the audience, not everyone finds them to their taste. The famous American podcaster, Joe Rogan revealed the character that he majorly hates in the MCU.


Although a die-hard Iron Man fan, Joe Rogan claims that this particular character is hated by many and he is not alone for good reason. The character that Joe Rogan hates the most in the MCU is the arrow-shooting Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner.

Joe Rogan revealed his dislike for a character in the MCU.
Joe Rogan revealed his dislike for a character in the MCU.

Joe Rogan Hates Hawkeye!

Joe Rogan is most famous for his podcast The Joe Rogan ExperienceA number of celebrities and notable people attend the podcast as the duo talk about various things during the run of the podcast. One of the things that Rogan likes to discuss very much are superheroes and comics. The comic-book-to-screen adaptation also becomes a hot topic for celebrities to discuss while on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan hates Hawkeye from the MCU the most.
Joe Rogan hates Hawkeye from the MCU the most.

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Joe Rogan is not the first one to say this statement, but the podcaster revealed that he dislikes Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye the most in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a YouTube video, Joe Rogan is seen stating that he hates the character of Clint Barton the most among all the characters that the MCU has to offer.

“I gotta say, I fu*cking hate Hawkeye though” Joe Rogan starts saying. “That stupid Marvel character, all he has is a bow and arrow, it’s so dumb. Everybody else is the Hulk and they fu*king do crazy sh*t and Doctor Strange can summon other universes and this dude is just shooting sh*tty arrows”

The comedian further continued on the absurdity of Hawkeye shooting arrows at aliens when it all began in Avengers (2012).


“At aliens. There’s aliens flying around in spaceships and he’s shooting arrows at them like this is so dumb. And he never runs out of arrows”

Although a valid reason, it is after all a superhero we are talking about and Hawkeye never running out of arrows can be considered to be a minor mistake.

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Joe Rogan’s Claims About The Rock Taking Steroids

Joe Rogan accused The Rock of taking steroids.
Joe Rogan accused The Rock of taking steroids.

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Joe Rogan once claimed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes steroids for the bulked-up bodies that Hollywood showcases. Joe Rogan further explained that actors like Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth are being put on steroids forcefully by Hollywood.

The Liver King, known for being a natural bodybuilder was recently accused of taking steroids and drugs to boost up his body. He recently reacted to Joe Rogan’s comments on The Rock taking steroids.

“You don’t want to pick a fight with The Rock, literally and figuratively, this is not the guy. So I’ll just say I think what The Rock has done has been absolutely incredible.

“First of all, I don’t think he’s on steroids. Is he taking any hormone replacement therapy, I don’t know.”

Having no concrete evidence for the above accusations, the celebrities continue to star in movies and series, while occasionally receiving backlashes.


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