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“That was a game changer”: Hugh Jackman Reveals His Favorite Superhero Movie, Confirms He Likes Grounded, Realistic Films More Than Marvel’s Formulaic Template

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has never been disassociated from the memory of the Marvel fandom and no matter how majestically tall the MCU now stands, the Foxverse will always be remembered as one of the most incredible cinematic CBM franchises ever made. So when the Wolverine actor says something, it is usually considered gospel for the absolute Marvel nerds among us theatergoers and movie buffs. And this year has been an absolute blessing for those who have devotedly prayed for the return of the iconic character just once more on the big screen.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman Recollects His Favorite Childhood CBMs

Even though Hugh Jackman and the Wolverine are almost synonymous at this point, insomuch as the actor might even resemble his comic book namesake to a degree, Marvel or X-Men is not the first thing that comes to his mind when he is asked about his favorite movie adaptations. Recently interviewed by Variety, the Aussie actor opens up about superhero movies and childhood memories from his formative years.

“My favorite superhero movie. Growing up, the first Superman. That was a game changer. Dick Donner movie, Christoher Reeve. I’m gonna say, I’m thinking one of the Nolan Batmans — I’m gonna go Dark Knight.”

Superman actor Christopher Reeve with Richard Donner (director)
Superman actor Christopher Reeve with Richard Donner (director)

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It is not surprising that of the numerous roster of CBM franchise projects now littering our everyday lives, the oldest Marvel Studios mainstay definitively picks the movie that does not even belong to the Marvel universe. Given how the franchise has found a taste for the formulaic success that comes with the tried-and-tested recipe of heroes controlling the narrative, there is no space for the maddening angst and cinematic bildungsroman that exists within Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy and the controversial SnyderVerse.

The Dark Knight's legacy lives on after 10 years
The Dark Knight‘s legacy lives on after 10 years

Hugh Jackman Will Christen the New Dawn of the MCU

The Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman, has famously retracted his declaration of freedom from the Foxverse franchise after Logan and is now making a comeback alongside long-time frenemy, Ryan Reynolds. The two indomitable forces will not only feature in the first X-Men movie aligned with the mainstream MCU but be the heralding of the entire Foxverse into the Marvel universe via Deadpool 3. Hugh Jackman, in his final hurrah, will truly be the first and the last persona that the Foxverse has to be eternally grateful for.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

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The Foxverse stands to this day as a self-assured franchise with highly successful blockbusters, notwithstanding the few misfires like Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants. However, Marvel and Disney are already on their way to engulf the mutant heroes under a unified banner aka the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even though it will be a dream fulfilled to witness the Mutants and the Avengers finally fighting side by side on the screen, the tragedy then becomes the long-withheld dream of Jackman to star alongside the same. But it’s only now, when he already has one foot in the retirement realm, that Disney and Fox decide to work together in unison. One can only imagine the masterpieces that could have been when the world still had the original six of the MCU and if Fox and Marvel had come together at the height of the McAvoy-Fassbender-JLaw era X-Men.

Deadpool 3 will premiere on November 8, 2024, and launch MCU’s highly anticipated Phase Six.

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