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“That was my nightmare for 36 years”: Vietnam War Journalist Refused to See $115M Mel Gibson Movie Based on His Own Book

"That was my nightmare for 36 years": Vietnam War Journalist Refused to See $115M Mel Gibson Movie Based on His Own Book

Mel Gibson has been known to portray several iconic characters over the years throughout his Hollywood career. In his extensive Hollywood career, there have been several movies where the actor has gone quite deep into the character of a brave soldier.

In a 2002 movie titled We Were Soldiers, Mel Gibson portrayed the character of Lt. Col. Hal Moore. The movie was so authentic and based on actual events that a Vietnam War journalist refused to see the movie despite his character in it!

A still from We Were Soldiers (2002).
A still from We Were Soldiers (2002).

When Mel Gibson’s Movie Traumatized A Vietnam War Journalist

With a movie based on the real-life and very terrifying Vietnam War, the film was bound to get intense and traumatic. With a storyline depicting both sides of the war, We Were Soldiers was very boldly reviewed for being brutally honest to the audience.

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Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

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The movie delved into such traumatic memories that a Vietnam War journalist refused to see the movie despite his character starring in the movie. According to the journalist, he did not want to see that again and wanted to stay away from his past and traumatic memories. Talking about the character of Joe Galloway (portrayed by Barry Pepper), the real Joseph D. Galloway refused to see the film.

As per the reports, Joseph D. Galloway, who was an American news correspondent during that time, stated that he was not able to witness that movie again. With Mel Gibson in the lead role, the perfectionism in the movie was so optimal that Galloway stated that “That was my nightmare for 36 years. I don’t want to see it again.”

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Mel Gibson Is All Set To Direct A New Film With Mark Wahlberg

Mel Gibson with Mark Wahlberg
Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg

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In recent news, Mel Gibson is all set to return to his director’s chair, and joining him for the ride is Mark Wahlberg. With the upcoming project titled Flight Risk, fans are already excited and worried to watch the dynamic duo enter the big screens once again.

A higher-up at Lionsgate stated that “We love the undeniable electric pairing of Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg. These world-class talents combining for this dynamic, character-driven film will make Flight Risk one of the most suspense-filled, must-see events of the year.”

As per the statements, Flight Risk is about a pilot transporting a dangerous criminal for trial and since Gibson and Wahlberg are attached to the plan, all hell is sure to break loose. There have been no confirmed release dates for the project announced neither any details have been revealed, We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson, is available to stream on Prime Video.

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