“That was very intentional”: One Piece Showrunner Confirms Season 1 was Only a Stepping Stone, Shot the Credit Scene After All Episodes were Filmed

One Piece Showrunner Confirms Season 1 was Only a Stepping Stone, Shot the Credit Scene After All Episodes were Filmed
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Netflix’s One Piece Live Action series has been renewed as season 1. Eiichiro Oda rightfully created a masterpiece. After breaking several records in the manga and anime version, One Piece broke yet another record as live-action. Everyone is happy with the response that One Piece Live Action has got since its release on 30 August.


The anime live adaptation department has been somewhat dim for several years. But after One Piece, this genre found its ray of hope. The showrunners of the series have already started working on season 2. Eiichiro hinted at Tony Tony Chopper’s entry in the next season. But the end credit scene of season 1 revealed another character that will make his much-awaited live-action debut.

One Piece Live Action Showrunner Intentionally Teases A New Character

One Piece Live Action Cast
One Piece Live Action

One Piece season 1 concluded on a high note, with the Strawhats deciding on their next destination. Since Eiichiro Oda announced season 2, the fans can hardly keep calm. One of the executives confirmed that season 2 will take at least 12 to 18 months to release. So the fans need to stay calm and patiently wait for it.


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But showrunners Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements had another trick up their sleeve to keep the fans more satisfied. They added an end credit scene, which they shot at the very end. The scene hinted at a new character entry in season 2. The character is quite popular among One Piece manga readers.

Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements
Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements

Becky Clements said, “The end of the season leads to the next natural chapter for the manga, that’s what that [credits scene] indicates. That was the idea, we wanted to give fans a little stepping stone, something they recognize that indicated where we might be heading. That was very intentional, and something that we added after filming because we wanted to indicate that we have a plan creatively, that we thought would please the fans.”  


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Who Is The Shadowy Character At the End Of Netflix’s One Piece Season 1?

The manga readers and anime watchers can well understand who the character was at the end of season 1. [Spoiler Ahead] Netflix watchers might not know, but the teased character is none other than Captain Smoker. Like Gol D. Roger had Monkey D. Garp on his tail, Smoker is always on Monkey D. Luffy’s tail. He plans on catching the Strawhat.

Mystery Character In One Piece Live Action End Credit Scene

Smoker can be recognized from his white hair and white coat and is always smoking cigars. The only thing that was missing from the end credit scene was his iconic kairoseki rod. The showrunners did this under the supervision of Eiichiro Oda. They were careful to take his advice on this matter. The fans are excited to see who plays Smoker in the live action. One Piece is truly one of a kind.


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