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“That wasn’t what I was out to do”: Angelina Jolie Was Frustrated By Affair Rumors With Co-Star After Intense S-x Scene Only to Steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston Years Later

"That wasn’t what I was out to do": Angelina Jolie Was Frustrated By Affair Rumors With Co-Star After Intense S-x Scene Only to Steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston Years Later

When we talk about all the glam and fame that being a Hollywood star brings a person, we often tend to forget just what lengths the stars have to go to in order to make every scene look real and flawless. Angelina Jolie is one such star that knows the physical and mental boundaries that one has to push to make every single scene of a film worth watching.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

And one of the hardest things to do in a film is the intimate scenes that a script requires. This particular aspect of a film is a tricky trail to tread since it can lead to adverse outcomes. One such instance happened to be when Jolie was shooting a scene with her co-star, where they executed it so perfectly that it started rumors that the actor and actress were cheating on their partners.

Antonio Banderas Couldn’t Touch Angelina Jolie During Their Intimate Scene In Original Sin

Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in a still from Original Sin
Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in a still from Original Sin

Being one of the most accomplished actresses in the Hollywood industry, Angelina Jolie is always able to bring a performance of a lifetime in any film she’s a part of. One such film happened to be none other than Michael Cristofer’s 2001 erotic thriller Original Sin, which also cast Antonio Banderas as the male lead. And since we had such talented stars leading the charge, every single shot was flawless, even their infamous and passionate lovemaking scene that almost got them into trouble by being too good to be untrue.

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In a past interview, the Desperado star talked about how they had executed that one scene in the film with remarkable accuracy, and though many believed that they had really gone ahead and cheated on their respective partners at the time, he revealed that the scene only looked flawless thanks to their incredible acting talent, because during the shoot, he wasn’t able to touch his co-star. He said:

“Doing a sex scene with Angelina Jolie was the same as doing a scene where I have to fall off a horse, you have to make it look real, but it just isn’t. We had to do a very intense sex scene in Original Sin but, of course, it’s nothing like the way it looks on screen. I couldn’t touch her, because she had tattoos everywhere and they had to be covered with make-up, so I had to try not to dislodge it, and when there are 150 guys around you and every 20 seconds they shout ‘Cut’ and then mess with your hair and the positioning of your arms, it’s not sexy at all.”

While this might’ve quelled the curiosity of many and shut down all the ill-natured rumors, the Maleficent star did find herself in a similar situation when the rumors turned out to be true. This incident was the infamous split between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston where Jolie revealed that she and Pitt had fallen for each other during their shoot on the sets of Mr. and Mrs Smith while Aniston was still married to him.

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What Was Original Sin About?

A still from Original Sin
A still from Original Sin

Immediately pushing the viewer into the arms of desire and passion from the opening scene, 2001’s Original Sin is a convoluted giveaway to the upcoming events that are about to transpire. Taking place in the 1900s, the story revolves around Luis Durand, who is a plantation owner, and his Mail Order Bride Julia Russel. As they meet each other for the first time to get married, they quickly find out that neither of them can be completely trusted, which accentuates the suspense that starts to linger on as the story continues.

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Original Sin, available on Vudu.

Source: Daily Mail

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