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“That’s 225, oh lightweight”: 8 Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Old School Lifts “Ain’t nothing but a peanut”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had his time in the spotlight for quite a number of years. Winning the title of Mr. Olympia a whopping seven times, the actor has been revered as one of the most influential bodybuilders of all time.

Ronnie Coleman, the American body-builder who has won the title of Mr. Olympia eight times reacted to Schwarzenegger’s old workout videos. Seeing the weight that he used to lift, Ronnie Coleman exclaimed that it was lightweight and quite an easy job to do!

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ronnie Coleman Doesn’t Consider Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout Intense!

During the earlier days when Arnold Schwarzenegger focused intensely on his bodybuilding, the American bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman became a good friend to The Terminator actor. Recalling the earlier days, Coleman decided to watch old videos of Schwarzenegger exercising and sharing his thoughts on the actor and his weightlifting skills.

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Ronnie Coleman
Ronnie Coleman

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The bodybuilder uploaded a video on his YouTube channel wherein he reacted to the Governator’s old videos. In his intro, Ronnie Coleman introduced himself and talked about how Arnold Schwarzenegger used to lift weights back in the day with a modern perspective on it. When watching the actor incline bench press, Ronnie Coleman reacted that the weight of 225 or 275 pounds was not that hard.

“He must got like 300 pounds on that oh, that’s 225, oh lightweight. That’s 225 I think. I think that’s 225, 275, lift it like it ain’t nothing but a peanut.”

Recalling his famous tagline, the YouTuber called it “lightweight baby” and continued to watch it further. He even remarked that the current generation has forgotten how to hit the gym and wants to teach the youngsters how to do gym like they used to do back in the day!

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Ronnie Coleman Wants To Work With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Before the video was about to end, Ronnie Coleman stated that the current generation does not know how to train themselves. The 59-year-old requested Schwarzenegger to join him in teaching the youngsters how to hit the gym properly like they used to back in the day.

“Yeah guys, a little training session with all kinds of memories that got back up, days and hours of the gym, training really hard, hitting it really hard, going all out, these guys these days, they don’t do that. So Arnold, I think me and you ought to get together and show these guys how it’s supposed to be done. What do you say about that Arnold, yeah buddy, lightweight.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has yet not given any comments on this request. The actor was last seen in the 2023 Netflix series titled FUBAR and Netflix’s docu-series Arnold. Both titles are available to stream on Netflix.

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