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‘That’s basically all they can think of now’: Homophobic Trolls Cry Foul as Disney Makes Willow Series Highlight Queer Romance

Homophobic Trolls Cry Foul as Disney Makes Willow Series Highlight Queer Romance

Disney is at it again as their new series Willow showcases a queer romance at the center stage of the story. The series was reportedly inspired by Ron Howard and George Lucas’s 1988 fantasy epic Willow. 

Many salty and homophobic fans took to Twitter to express their anger over what Disney is making these days and how “that’s basically all they can think of now”.

A scene from the upcoming Willow series.
A scene from the upcoming Willow series.

People Annoyed At Disney For Queer Romance in Willow

The age-old debate of inclusivity and excessive inclusivity seems to strike the people once again as Disney gears up for its upcoming series Willow. The series is created by Jonathan Kasdan who also serves as the producer. The story takes a classic twist as the romance of the princess and a lady knight becomes the front and center stage of the plot.

Ron Howard and George Lucas' Willow (1988).
Ron Howard and George Lucas’ Willow (1988).

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When Polygon sat down with Jonathan Kasdan, the creator reportedly told that there was no pushback from Disney for depicting a queer story. He further added that things just happened naturally and he didn’t initially have a queer story in mind.

There was no pushback. What’s interesting is — I hope and I believe we’re at a moment where you’re going to see a paradigm shift in that. And hopefully, the way that it’s gonna happen is that these kinds of queer stories, particularly like this one, that were just organic to the narrative we were telling, find their way in, and it becomes less of a surprising and unusual thing to see.

Fans of Disney didn’t take too long to spew out homophobic statements and how Disney only wants to show off the good side of inclusivity while bringing the narrative to a total zero. On the other side, several fans also praised Disney for taking such a bold step and helping people come to terms with homosexual relations.

Although the story is something never before seen, the people are tired of Disney trying to be more woke. The series currently stands at a rating of 6.9/10 on IMDB and will premiere on 30th November 2022.

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How Willow Deviates From The Common Story

Warwick Davis will reprise his role in Willow.
Warwick Davis will reprise his role in Willow.

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Being inspired by Ron Howard and George Lucas‘ Willow, it’s no secret that the upcoming series works as a sequel to the original 1988 work. Instead of the princess falling in love with the heroic knight who saves them, the main story will depict the relationship between a lady knight and the princess.

The story is also set 20 years after the event of the original movie (1988) and Warwick Davis will once again portray the role of the sorcerer Willow Ufgood. The series is slated for a release date on the 30th of November 2022 and will be available to stream on Disney+.

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