“That’s how you hype a Superman cameo”: Titans Get Applauded For Properly Teasing Superman Cameo as Fans Compare it With Henry Cavill’s Return in Black Adam

“That’s how you hype a Superman cameo”: Titans Get Applauded For Properly Teasing Superman Cameo as Fans Compare it With Henry Cavill’s Return in Black Adam
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Superman was a much-awaited character in the DCEU after his last sighting in the franchise all the way back in 2017’s Justice League. But after the film’s release, there was no official or unofficial news about his return. It was believed that Henry Cavill was done with playing the role of Superman, and that was the reason why the character was put in the backseat of the production timeline. But with the release of Black Adam, we saw the return of Cavill in his red and blue suit to play the part of the superhero.

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCEU’s Superman

Although the hype of the return was crazy, fans could not help but compare the scene with yet another show that hyped the cameo of Superman.

In the recent episode of the HBO Max original Titans, fans witnessed a mention of the superhero and were also shown in one of the scenes, hyping up for a possible cameo, and fans cannot hold themselves from comparing the two.


Titans Hyped Their Superman Cameo Better?

HBO Max's Titans
HBO Max’s Titans

With the release of the fourth season of HBO Max’s Titans, we were in for a welcome surprise, as we see Dick Grayson and Connor Kent going to meet Clark Kent, a.k.a Superman, so that Connor could finally meet his father for the first time in his life. But when they reached there, they couldn’t find him. Feeling disappointed, Connor, Dick, and the fans return back empty-handed from a chance on meeting the caped crusader.

How to Hype a Superman Cameo

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But when they reach the laboratory, they are informed that Superman had to run off to save a distant galaxy somewhere in the universe. we can see a holographic representation of him flying through the vacuum of space toward a dying star in an attempt to counter the effects of the burst of energy that the star would emit. Watching all this, Connor gets a little teary-eyed, and says “This is what we do,” to which Grayson says “You’ll meet him soon.” Fans of the show are convinced that this is the desired Superman cameo that they wanted to see.

Adding to the scene, fans are also comparing the cameo of Henry Cavill as the caped crusader in Back Adam. Fans are calling the Titans’ version of a hype-up to be the better one from the film for various reasons, saying “That’s how you hype a Superman cameo.”

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Why Was Titans’ Version Better Than Black Adam?

Henry Cavill's Superman and Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam
Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

To put it simply, Titans’ version of hyping the cameo of Superman was better because it meant something deeper than just making an appearance on screen alongside another superhero. Connor Kent’s emotions can be felt within the show by the audience, as his desire to see his dad fills the whole build-up with a sentimental connection. It’s not like a simple blast of information from a superstar which carries little to no value when it comes to the experience on screen.

That’s why, it’s always advised to think before you do something, cause you might forget what actually matters.

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