“That’s just not going to work”: Christian Bale Had the Last Laugh After Being Ridiculed for His Batman Idea That Was Wildly Different from George Clooney 

Christian Bale Had the Last Laugh After Being Ridiculed for His Batman Idea That Was Wildly Different from George Clooney 
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Christian Bale is perhaps one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Having made a name for himself through countless masterpieces, with American Psycho, The Machinist, Ford Vs. Ferrari, and most famously, his work in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He has also been awarded for his work and contributions to the industry through his many Academy Award nominations and one win for his work in The Fighter.

Christian Bale in a still from The Dark Knight (2008)
Christian Bale in a still from The Dark Knight

Being as successful and talented as he is, one would think that he would be thought of as a reliable source when it comes to acting and creative decisions. This, however, was not the case when the actor was playing his role as the iconic Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night.

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Christian Bale Made Some Very Bold Decision For His Character

When it comes to the character of Batman, it was only in Christain Bale and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy that the actor was portrayed as a serious character, having only been seen with nipples on his suit, making some very odd and bad jokes, and being seen around ridiculous looking villains.

Christian Bale Batman
Christian Bale as Batman

This all changed when Christian Bale put on the bat suit, choosing to, instead, focus on the more serious aspects of this incredibly multi-faceted character. While this, on its own, caused a wave of a new version of this iconic character, resulting in the broody bat we know now, this idea was not as accepted when it was initially pitched and told to people.

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Christian Bale Was Laughed At

Christian Bale revealed that when he would initially tell people about what his version of Batman was going to be like, with him being more dark and serious than light-hearted and fun, the actor revealed that the first reaction that he got was them laughing at him.


“I would [tell people] we’re going to sort of do Batman, but take him seriously. I had tons of people laugh at me and just say, ‘Well that’s just not going to work at all.'” He stated

He was then told that this idea would never work and would not be all too successful. It was very clear that many did not understand the early version of what was Nolan’s vision. Now, however, it can be seen that the film may have had some sort of influence on franchises like the MCU and the serious tones that their films have.

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